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The KMT then began to focus their public case not on the margin of their loss, but on the charge that "Chen Shui-bian cheated us with a faked assassination attempt." The accusation of a staged assassination, had already been disproved by a steady stream of interviews with the Hospital doctors, police, and body guards. Not to mention common sense. (Chen: "So, I stand in the car, and then a guy is going to shoot me with a bullet, through the windshield into my abdomen, but I should be careful to turn aside so the bullet will only cut a half-inch slice through me? . . . . What's Plan B?")

國民黨接著不再談到他們輸得如此接近的問題了﹐而開始集中火力指控“陳水扁假 裝遇刺來騙我們。”再多的醫院醫師警察保鏢﹐不論再怎麼證明都不算數。 (陳水扁問到﹕“所以我就這樣站在車裡等人拿槍彈來射﹐槍彈必須穿過擋風玻璃進入我的肚子﹐然後我還要算好時機﹐在恰當的時機轉身﹐好讓子彈只擦掉我半寸皮肉而 已﹖。。。 那還有沒有第二方案啊﹖”)

THE VITRIOL with which the story is being kept alive by the most passionate KMT old-guard appalls even younger Blue supporters. The spectacle of Dr. Lien and Dr. Soong posing absurd legal challenges to a properly conducted election and calling for the election's "invalidation" was no more worrisome than Al Gore's challenge to the 2000 Florida count. More disturbing was the way the two spun up the crowd by hinting that the president's shooting was a campaign stunt, and declaring that "the election was null" because it was "unfair."

國民黨死忠分子拼命要把這個故事炒成真的惡毒﹐連年輕一點的泛藍支持者都看不 過去。連宋博士以荒謬的法律理由來反對一切都處理合宜的選舉過程﹐不止如此還 想把它搞成無效選舉的舉動﹐跟2000年美國大選時Al Gore質疑佛州選票的行為﹐相形之下﹐其實本來沒什麼好令人更憂慮的。可是搞得讓人更不安的原因是因為這兩個人用盡各種手段影射總統的遇刺其實是競選花招﹐而且還宣稱因為“不公平”﹐所以“選舉無效”。

The KMT's argument is that the "faked" shooting led Taiwan's premier to declare a military emergency--canceling leave for some 200,000 troops who didn't get to vote. Blue supporters claim that they poll well among military professionals. But they neglect to say that most of the military are young, educated Taiwanese conscripts who generally vote for President Chen's party.

國民黨的說法是﹐因為“假”槍擊導致台灣行政院院長發佈軍事緊急令﹐因此取消 了大約20萬部隊的休假搞得他們無法投票。藍營宣稱他們的民調顯示他們很受軍隊的擁護。可是他們刻意未提的是多數軍人都是年輕受過教育的台灣人﹐通常大多都投給陳總統的政黨。

In any event, "unfairness" would not have an impact on the actual vote counting, so the KMT is now focusing on irregularities. The first stab at that legal tack came just a few minutes after 2:00 a.m. on Sunday when a High Court spokesman (apparently anticipating a long night) appeared on television to report that he received faxed complaints from 21 localities and was in the process of referring the complaints to the appropriate lower local prosecutors. He didn't elaborate, but did say the lower courts were prepared to take up the cases Sunday morning. The relief demanded--according to the headline across the top of the video display was to "nullify the election."

一般而言﹐“不公平”與否對最後的計票結果沒什麼大影響﹐所以現在國民黨換跑 道來針對”不尋常事件“而下功夫了。第一招就是尋法律途徑﹐星期天清晨2點一位 高院發言人﹐很顯然的知道自己會有個漫漫長夜﹐在電視上報告說他總共由21所投票所接到傳真來的抱怨﹐正在準備把這些案子轉到適當的地方法院去。他並沒多做 解釋﹐但有提及地方法院會在星期天早上接手。據頭條報導﹐這些案子都要求要讓” 選舉無效“。

It soon became apparent that the Blue's public case lacked substance. Ninety minutes later Taiwan TV began running a video clip of a woman bringing her two little daughters into the voting booth and letting them put her two referendum ballots into the appropriate boxes--she had already put her presidential ballot in a third box. A news reporterinterviewed a former KMT Chiayi county magistrate who, seeing the clip, gasped in horror that "little children can now take a ballot and little children can now vote." The late-night crowd behind him roared in howls of indignation.

大家很快就發現藍營的公開案子一點兒根據都沒有。90分鐘後﹐台視開始播放一段 錄影帶 顯示出一位婦人帶著兩個小女兒進入投票亭﹐在她自己已經投完總統選票以後﹐還讓他們幫她把兩張公投票投入正確的票匭。記者訪問了一位前國民黨嘉義縣長他一看完就大驚失色的說﹐”連小孩子現在都能投票啦。“ 深夜站在他身後的民眾大嘩﹐群情激憤。

All Sunday night, Dr. Lien and Dr. Soong sat sullenly at their defeat rally in central Taipei surrounded by thousands of enflamed supporters. At 4:17 a.m., before the sky brightened, they finally arose to lead their large and boisterous crowd down the boulevards to the presidential mansion, guarded by a long a phalanx of police. Taiwan's High Court finally ordered all jurisdictions to "seal ballot boxes" as potential evidence in an effort to mollify the protesting throngs. But the throngs blocked all traffic into the governmental district on Sunday afternoon, their ranks swelled by sympathizers from outsideTaipei. They were still there on Monday.

星期天一整晚﹐連宋兩博士都氣嘟嘟的坐在台北市中心上萬怒意盎然的支持群眾中間。早上4點17分﹐天都還沒亮﹐他們終於爬起來領著這一大群又吵又亂的徒眾沿著大馬路前往總統府﹐總統府前圍著一大群來保衛的警察。 為了讓抗議群眾消氣﹐台灣高院終於裁定將所有票匭查封以作為可能的證物。可是因為又湧來了來自外縣市的同情分子﹐這一堆人在星期天下午把進入政府辦公區的交通完全堵塞掉﹐ 一直到星期一都還未離開。

IT HAS BEEN a most disillusioning spectacle. I have seen two men whom I have admired for the past 20 years turn into hate-mongers. I watched as they incited followers to late night demonstrations, which they must have known could turn violent. They urged their supporters to demand that legitimate offices of government abdicate their responsibilities and surrender ballot boxes to repair imagined injuries. And by not urging restraint, their actions countenanced violence against law enforcement officers.

這可說是最令人幻象破滅的景象。我眼睜睜目睹我在過去20多年所景仰的兩人在瞬間化身為仇恨使者。 我親眼看到他們煽動隨眾深夜示威﹐他們當然明白這樣做很有走向暴力的可能。為了修補他們無中生有的傷痛﹐他們慫恿支持者強迫政府放棄責任令其擺布並釋出票匭。更由于他們對隨眾毫無節制的行為﹐進而獎勵了群眾對執法官員以暴力相向。

It is supremely ironic. In 1979, Taiwan's upper level KMT ministers--including minister of Communications Lien Chan and Government Information director James Soong--nodded in approval when young Taiwanese democracy activists were sentenced to eight years in prison for less than KMT leaders have done in the past two days. But times have changed. The democracy activists and defense attorneys of 25 years ago are now Taiwan's president Chen Shui-bian, vice president Annette Lu, Kaohsiung mayor Frank Hsieh , Examination Yuan president Yao Chia-wen, and labor minister Chen Chu. This time, KMT leaders countenance mob rule. But Taiwan has changed dramatically in the last quarter-century. It is unlikely that Drs. Lien and Soong will be court-martialed for their part in inciting this latest unrest, much less sentenced to prison.

說來實在極具諷刺性。 1979年台灣國民黨包括了交通部長連戰及新聞局長宋處瑜在內的高官﹐對於把台灣民運青年打入大牢8年的判決﹐ 都大表贊同。當年這些民運青年因而入獄的行為﹐ 再怎麼也比不上國民黨領袖在過去這兩天所做的。不過時代在變﹐ 25年前的民主人士及其辯護律師現在是台灣的陳水扁總統﹐ 呂秀蓮副總統﹐高雄市長謝長庭﹐ 考試院長姚嘉文﹐ 還有勞工局長陳菊。 這一次﹐ 換成國民黨領袖在鼓勵暴民統治。 可惜台灣在這過去25年的劇變﹐使得我們再也不能因連宋兩博士煽動此次暴動而把他們交付軍事法庭﹐ 更無從判其入獄。

It is a sign that democratic ideals have indeed taken hold in Taiwan if not in the KMT.

這代表民主理想雖然在國民黨裡找不到﹐ 卻已在台灣生根茁壯。


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