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[Challenge。相編] 記得此刻/Remember This Moment (步驟分享)

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[相編。12"x12" Layout]

➡在照片上點一下,會連結到這張照片的相本,按一下右上角的〝放大鏡〞圖示,就可以厡尺寸觀看照片喔。(Click on the picture then press the zoom button to the right to see the picture in original size.)

〝放大鏡〞圖示 (the zoom button)

The photo was taken at the Dali railway station in 2013. Dali is at the end of the famous Caoling Historic Trail. My colleagues and I walked through the trail and reached the Dali's seashore, then we wrote down our wishes, placed them into the "time capsules" and buried them in the sands. We agreed to come back to dig them out after 3 years. Until then we shall work hard to realize our wishes.
I colored the background paper, and also I colored an image of the "time capsule" bottle which is added to the left side of the layout.
照片是前一陣子到台東三仙台拍的。約莫20幾年前也曾和朋友造訪過,時光荏苒,三仙台還是老樣子!這相編使用 The Studio Challenges 相編網 14th August 的草圖,顏色的發想來自Challenge YOUrself #32 ("Alley by the Lake" 作者: Leonid Afremov).

The photo was taken at Sansiantai (Terrace of the three Immortals) of Taitung in Aug 2016. The unique shape of the bridge makes it a very photogenic spot in the east coast of Taiwan. My work uses the 14th August Sketch of the Studio Challenges as the base. The colors are inspired by the artwork "Alley by the Lake" by Leonid Afremov.

This layout is based on the following challenges.

The Studio Challenges - 14th August - Sketch

Challenge YOUrself - #32

[近拍。Close ups]

1. 將美編紙撕成大小不一的長條,然後貼在背景上。
Tear some paper strips in different lengths and stick them to the background paper.

2. 用Gesso打底,乾後,
Apply Gesso and let it dry. Then, make some stars of molding paste with a stencil, and let them dry.

3. 先把紙打濕,然後
Moisten the background paper and then brush it with light blue, dark blue, orange and red acrylic.

Spray a few red and dark blue acrylic drops on the background.

使用Tattered Angels的噴劑噴在背景紙,待乾。
Spray a mist of Tattered Angels, and let it dry.

Attach two layers of paper to the back of the photo, and tear them to adequate sizes. Get all materials ready, then start to combine them layer by layer.

貼上"Remember THIS MEMENT"文字標籤,寫上文字,完成嚕。
Put on the label "Remember THIS MEMENT" and add a handwriting description. Layout completed.

Thanks so much for stopping by and for your wonderful comments.

很榮幸被Challenge YOUrself相編網選為本週特色相編,很開心❤!


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Sharon Fritchman
Your layout is absolutely gorgeous, Mei-Chen. The background is amazing and so beautiful, and so is that photo of YOU! WOW! Thank you very much for joining us at Challenge YOUrself this month. We are very happy that you did!
2016-08-28 20:19:08
Thank you so much, Sharon . :-)
2016-08-28 22:09:18
Jinny Newlin
Absolutely gorgeous! Great texture, and I love that gradient background! Thanks so much for playing along with us in The Studio!
2016-10-07 06:00:14
Thank you so much, Jinny. :-)
2016-10-07 08:14:29
是 (若未登入"個人新聞台帳號"則看不到回覆唷!)
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