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The panic from the machine reading your face

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當高科技的販賣機聰明到可以『看』出你的年紀來決定要不要買給你香煙或啤酒,你的心理作何感想呢?這是日本研發出來的新型販賣機,透過臉部辨識系統,來判斷購買者的實際年齡,過濾掉未成年的消費者。高達90% 辨識年齡的準確率,讓這個成熟的技術可以實際運用於日常生活裡。主持人打趣的推測,販賣機裡的香煙可能要賣到一包93元才能平衡這高成本的技術成本。


The Ramble: Old Pumps Can’t Register High Gas Prices

Linkfest: LeBron James’ Mama Takes His Side

The oil prices is skyrocketing. Whether you like it or not, we should prepare for the downsides of high-priced pressures. The solution the old pumps made to solve “number-listing” problem is to present the half the real price, and that’s very smart and practical way to deal with situation like that.

The dream is getting clear and real. It is approaching
What could it b when a machine meets a computer? What comes in your mind when you think of these artificial things? Combining both together, they are getting more and more intelligent and popular. The new vender machine that can read ages from scanning your face is another good example. Although we know the smart machine was programmed by engineers and is in the condition under the control, it seems to me that “they” may someday become a self-thinking thing. Am I too panic to face the fact of the world approaching quickly toward me? Maybe or may not. It is not that I refuse to welcome the better life with the helps of machines, I just concern how we should carry those convenience without being a heavy burden on the back.

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