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The tough part of the life

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NPR Commentary
Confronting Prostate Cancer in My Family

by John McCann

News & Notes , April 10, 2006 · Commentator John McCann talks about his personal experience dealing with a family member diagnosed with prostate cancer. The disease affects one in six men in America. John McCann is a columnist for the Herald-Sun in Durham, N.C.

It’s hard to accept the fact of having cancer for many people. You might cancel/stop* your regular schedules or plans, and also, it might break your confidence of your health, and a lot more. The financial and mental burdens add up within medication procedure. You are suffering the pressure that you may run out of time to save life and money. Unfortunately, sometimes there’s nothing much you can do about it. You may relax yourself and let God take care of the live-or-dead matter.

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