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Pushing the limits

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Tonight (Wednesday) while out in the "yard" with the dogs so they could run around a bit, I just happened to see this sight.  I had not noticed the moon when I was taking photos of the sunset about ten minutes before these photos where taken.  But as the night progressed, the moon popped into view.  I had my DSLR and clicked awaydrop sheet
But I am always pushing the limits of the camera on my phone.  Mostly because I want to share what I see right away with friends.  Yes I know there is "Instagram" and yes I have an account but I don't remember my name or password.  lol  I even have a Flickr account that I have not updated in years.

Anyway...both of these were shot with my phonepublic relationship.

This one was edited on the phone to crop it. I also adjusted the contrast and brightnesshome storage.

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