2010-06-07 08:23:19
2010-06-07 01:05:55
2019-08-15 04:22:05



2013-05-14 22:02:57

an enchanting job-- being a teacher

IMG_1375.JPGan enchanting job-- being a teacher Today I had a very pleasant day with my students. First of all, right at the moment I walked into my office this morning around 8:00 am, two...

2012-06-28 19:14:39

久違了 我的小天地

感謝打掃的麗環幫我找到我的帳號密碼 這才讓這小小天地得以重見天日啊 hua

2010-11-16 17:30:05


才恢復上班三個月就又病了 真令人洩氣請假在家這幾天可也沒閒著每天跑中醫診所針灸的行程往往要半天的時間加上四點接女兒放學 做個晚餐 再接送女兒才藝課 一天也就忙忙得過了到是 這次的生病 讓我有新的體會I though...

2010-08-01 17:10:23


今天與恬清洗小小的陽台 可以玩水 恬樂得直叫我別搶了她的工作我簡單地工作訓練一下 便留下恬自個兒玩然後樂得可以回到電腦 把心中的想法 記錄下來 自從美國回來後 常常不由自主的向身邊的恬說我越來越喜歡這個家了這...

2010-06-07 08:23:19

just can't get enough of flowers


2010-06-07 01:05:55

Let's appreciate flowers ....


2010-05-18 05:09:41

Farewell, my dearest Zen class fellows

On May 15, 2010, I had to say goodbye to the two major pillars of my life in Denver at the same time. CU Denver, and the Zen class. I feel honored and thankful to be one of the member of this class. W...

2010-05-18 03:59:53

Farewell! CU Denver

Not until the commencement did I realize this was literally the last day of my life in CU Denver. T'is true that whatever has a beginning must be followed by an end. The ceremony was an amazing experi...

2010-03-28 02:25:55

"play" and teaching

What's the realtion between "play" and "teaching"? What does "play" have to do with "teaching"? I found what Vygotsky said is interesting. In The Role of Play in Development, Vygotsky explicated how “...

2010-03-25 23:29:36

Gifted program

mandy's honorMandy was recommended by her school to take the test for the highly gifted students program last semester, and the result came this morning. She passed and will be placed at the highly gi...

2010-03-08 04:12:05

my favoriate cheese

DillHavarti_lg_1.jpgI finally found my cheese: Danish Havarti & Dill Harvarti CheeseIn some classes, we take truns bring food to the class.Last week, Kenith brought the Dill Havarti cheese; I love...

2009-12-19 01:42:22

what I have learned

My belief of teaching has never deviated from the concept that “education is hope”. Education serves as a springboard facilitating people going higher and further to their future. And teachers are b...

2009-12-11 00:50:41
2009-12-11 00:34:12


今天的晚餐吃什麼呢菠菜蛋炒飯烤蕃茄 義大利醋醬沙拉

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