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◆服務區域:高雄縣市 / 台南縣市 (其它縣市,需 6 小時前預約,費用另計. 外縣市需預付訂金確認,歡迎來電詢問.)
◆公司名稱:LOVE SPA 舒療按摩工作室

◆預約聯絡電話:0930809692 (來電請顯示號碼)
◆服務時間:早上8點 ~ 凌晨3點
◆費用說明:$ 600/小時,(優惠價: $ 1,500/3小時)
- 精油按摩
- 全身按摩
- 全身推油
- 局部按摩
- 局部推油
- 舒壓解勞,放鬆經絡

- 11/24(二) 上午: 約滿,下午: 可約,晚上: 約滿
- 11/25(三) 上午: 可約,下午: 約滿,晚上: 可約
- 11/26(四) 上午: 可約,下午: 約滿,晚上: 約滿
- 11/27(五) 上午: 約滿,下午: 約滿,晚上: 可約
- 11/28(六) 上午: 可約,下午: 可約,晚上: 可約
- 11/29(日) 上午: 約滿,下午: 可約,晚上: 可約
- 11/30(一) 上午: 約滿,下午: 可約,晚上: 可約

Touch is a very important part of human contact. It helps us feel connected and loved by those around us. Our basic goal of massage therapy is to help your body heal itself and to increase health and well-being. You will benefit from receiving massage therapy from us includes relieves stress, encourages relaxation, improves circulation & posture, relaxes muscles, sensual stimulation, improves flexibility & breathing, decreases depression.

◆ Massage therapists: Male (English speaking)
◆ For Ladies Only
◆Our Services:Full Body Massage / Oil Massage / Back Massage / Facial Massage / Neck Massage / Sensual Massage

◆Service Cities:Kaohsiung & Tainan (for other city, please call in for enquiry)
◆Company:LOVE SPA Massage Services
◆Address:Ln. 12, Zhonghua 2nd Rd., Sanmin Dist., Kaohsiung City 807, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
◆Contact Person:Kelly & Steven
◆Contact Phone:0930809692

◆Our Rates:TWD$ 600/hr (Promotion: TWD$1,500/3hrs)

Outcalls only. Hotels, Motels, Condos and Private Apartments are welcome.

All ladies clients will be serviced by our highly skilled therapists (male).

All our therapists are very well trained, friendly and fun. Try it and get addicted …

Now you can experience this mind blowing massage from us!Call us now: 0930809692 (Kaohsiung / Tainan, Taiwan)

Massage For Ladies I


台長:LOVE SPA 舒療按摩工作室
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