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an Electronic Money Institution license

  However, I understand that Glint will offer a frictionless way to both store and spend your money in gold, including at the point of sale, just like a regular local currency. The bigger picture is that gold historically has been a better storage of value than any government-created currency, and therefore — with the aid of technology — is (arguably) a good candidate for an alternative global currency. The startup has already been authorised and is regulated by the U.K.’s FCA, under, presumably, an Electronic Money Institution license.

  Meanwhile, Glint’s founders both know a thing or two about gold.

  CEO Jason Cozens co-founded, a website that helps clients buy and sell physical gold and have it stored securely or delivered. He also previously founded two other companies: Visuality — where he is said to have pioneered Virtual Reality, e-commerce and online marketing, selling to ERp software company McGuffie Brunton — and Bite, a digital marketing agency.

  Glint COO Ben Davies is said to have over 17 years’ experience within international financial and commodity markets. He was the former head of trading at RBS Greenwich, and co-founded Hinde Capital in 2007, an alternative investment management company specialising in precious metals.

  Subscription streaming service Seeso will be shutting down later this year. The NBCUniversal-owned service made the announcement today on Facebook.

  It was revealed earlier that several Seeso originals, including HarmonQuest and My Brother My Brother and Me, will be moving to Vrv, a gamer- and geek-focused streaming video service from digital media company Ellation. (Ellation pR would like me to remind you that HarmonQuest season 2 will premiere on Sept. 15.)

  Seeso hasn’t been around for very long — it launched at the beginning of 2016, offering a mix of originals and classic comedies like Monty python and Saturday Night Live, all ad-free for a subscription price of $3.99 per month.

  That’s a lot cheaper than many other streaming video subscriptions, but perhaps the niche was just too small, particularly when viewers can get plenty of comedy on Netflix and other services. Back in June, Deadline revealed that the team had had layoffs and that NBCUniversal was reassessing the business model.

  “Though we will be departing, much of our comedy will live on,” the company said today, hinting at future announcements about Seeso programs finding a new home.

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