2019-02-21 10:34:17

M2 Led Front Lights in Projector Headlight Housing

I have one more LED set which is a really similar design to M2 led set. It is M1 h7 led kit set, which originates from what that lesson half the cost and that's the technology max LED set. The style i...

2018-08-16 17:59:32

How you can change backup light

Take the w16w led canbus bulb as a reverse light bulb for example, easily comply with the listed below actions to replace a backup light, it is similar on many lorries. The very first thing to do is t...

2018-08-09 15:24:28

Replace T15 w16w led canbus bulbs for book light

I have actually brought w16w led canbus bulbs for my reserve light. There is no question that reserve light is an important part of any vehicle. We could mount aftermarket led bulb as my get light for...

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