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A strength to explain that he was not really back, the face of guilt and let our hearts a little bit of balance.

After a short stay, my brother flew away. My brother is a dove, always clinging to his sky, but often forget to go home.

A few years later, his brother and sister broke up, back home, two young children never enjoy a few days of maternal love, there is no mother. Brother drifted in outside for more than ten years, the failure of the marriage, decadent life, let his character more bohemian and started to gamble, raffish, wandering in the community, don't do a good job a job, nor helped mother farming. For such a brother, I really can not find love for his reasons, the relationship between our brother and sister gradually alienated, I even think, there is his brother, is a disgrace.

His brother had the same dedication, that is his love of the dove. Regardless of how long he had not been home, he went home after the first thing, or to see his pigeons. Sometimes I think, if the father and mother, our sisters can become a few pigeons, the elder brother is not able to put his love, to give us some?

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