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Private solicited

Private solicited the stockholder's rights fund already overheated the primary market aspect, since this year, the stock market depth adjustment, the platelet and undertaking board going on the market quantity continued to increase, the IPO enterprise value returned fast, international board and “new sampan” vivid. However, IPO will break the reduction in the near future, the market profit women shoes The Zheng seashore suggested that 1,000,000 following funds's conservative public figures, subscribe the new stock sustainably.

private solicits the fund to present the overheated sign. In the earlier period the platelet, specially starts an undertaking board IPO to highlight “the wealth effect” greatly the undertaking board first batch 28 listing, makes 125 billionaires, average each company approximately produces 4.5 billionaires. present, the land's the quantity is bigger than 1000, every year platelet + undertaking board IPO about 300, in which half have the PE participation.

The secondary market this year's value fast return creates the enormous pressure to PE, the rate of return obviously reduces. For example,south sea pearls the continent bright science and technology (300232) the market profit is 27 times, the innovation throws the proportion from 9.63% dilutions to 7.15%, goes on the market the preceding year to buy stock by 9 time of PE, goes on the market the latter year withdrawal (to endure sells one year), two year rate of return is only 2.25 times.

the Zheng seashore estimated that withdraws from the market one batch of small PE, participates in PE taking personally LP is not time, the PE management company's high-sounding talk collects is mainly to charge the management fee to pass the murky time.

A-grade office still had spatial the real estate market naturally was the individual investment important direction. The Zheng seashore believed that the investor may pay attention to places the such as the US, Canada, Australia, Britain real estate, is advantageous in the property optimization disposition, simultaneously is advantageous to the store of value (market is relatively mature).

But needs to do the full schoolwork, the suggestion choice core city, because of the good communications, the secondary market is more active. the Hong Kong market is also good, although Hong Kong real estate market is in the top digit, but the rent rate of return may reach 4%-4.5%.

investor not to need to invest the mansion, may choose the good communications the subway and east, the West Railway along the route property, or excellent surroundings (seascape, mountain scenery and so on) high quality property.

regarding inland commercial real estate, the Zheng seashore believed that at present the store risk is big. The suggestion attention A-grade office,wholesale costume jewellery for instance the Pearl River new town's A-grade office, still had the revaluation space, and hires conveniently. In addition, inland traveling real estate may pay attention moderately, nearby the main scenic site, may take takes vacation uses, does not limit purchases the influence.

Gold jewelry revaluation space small since this year crazily rises suddenly perhaps the gold jewelry, did not have the too many revaluation spaces. The Zheng seashore believed that the gold jewelry will be in the historical top digit in the near future, the revaluation space is small.

Throws the inborn nature regarding this kind, only has the store of value function, does not have the interest return. Meanwhile, the domestic price and the international market trail connection, do not enjoy the Chinese economic growth wealth effect. Suggested that invests the foot few.Tahitian pearl the commodity future and the foreign exchange investment may also pay attention, but because needs to use the release lever, the risk is big, the specialized request is high, suits each investor not necessarily. the foreign exchange aspect, may pay attention to the Canadian dollar and the Australian dollar.

These two national big resources are many, the sparse population, the political stability, belongs to the resources output country, in the resource demand to the good situation, these two country's currency is very for a long time strong.

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