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聆聽寂靜/Listen the silence.

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一旦世界開始寂靜/When the world starts to be quiet 

你就開始聽見心的聲音/we are begaining to hear our mind


也是沒用的/ it is totally useless to turn on the Audio equipment loudly if it results from your fear.


必須去探求/Have to find out  

那空虛的源頭是甚麼/Why feel hollow and what it want to say

如果因為忙碌而覺得沒空想清楚/if you said, I am too busy to think it through

那便會越來越忙/And then , you must be more busier and busier after you said it.

而且最後你根本不知道自己在忙甚麼/And you will forget what you are busy for in the end of life...

只是一個接一個/Just one by one..endless...

所以別躲了/So, stop hiding.

那才是唯一之路/ It's the only way to go home. I know you see it.



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