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I miss you

Miss. With sweet and astringent taste. At the moment, I really miss you.

Sometimes, will miss us through, though brief, nu skin is sweet.

These days, has been in the struggle, think you can really think, hair, everything can start again, but, still have their own.

There are too many lost, too much suffering, too much sadness. Think really can forget, always inadvertently, crashed into the mind.

Sometimes, I think, is to experience how to right and wrong, change radically, can truly find yourself, I was ignorant, but also confused.

I thought g-suite cardinal, you will save me, you say, come, let us have our sweet life, then there be caught off guard changes. I lost my wallet, you say, this is retribution, later, with our heart crack lung quarrel. I cried to stay.

He is always like that, is not, not a little dignity.

Always want to give all the love, results, always get hurt.

Also remember Wei, in those days, he gave the expectation, hurt, pain, not love.

Love, always change too fast, care, from the initial greeting everywhere everywhere, everywhere considerate, up to now you ask no matter, know more independent, more able to withstand, but, a lot of things, a person in the chewing, pain g-suite cardinal manchester.

Yes, love is a lifetime thing, life is very long, many days, be together morning and night to say, just to find a live person, a live person, then, there is love?

I can tolerate a lot, you say, let me alone, think. Just, like, really can? I will be in the final, the calm like water?

Don't know how long, can walk, do not know, will not last.

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