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You run?

If, these you, is the same to you, I will not, in this life, is the most happy people. Find true love, to find someone to watch over me. No, not at all?

Just, you like an executioner, a layer of a layer of peel my skin, bloody do not stop to show you, open my pain, Is it right?, is you know me, because this myself, I do not stop in front of you beg for mercy, not let you cry, I walked out, I said, do you want me to, I now and in the future, you tightly seize my past accused me of. Said hate to deceive, if you ask me, I said, a blank, and do not admit, Is it right?, not now endingManaged Security?

I left. When you say forgive me, when I give a chance, he chose the Nanjing. One year younger than me. I don't know what? I don't know the future? So, do you?

Suddenly thought, I this year, 22 years, mother always let me have the Spring Festival home, say, you can home in a few years, over the years to go out not too Veda Salon! I really don't want to leave her mother, and, only the mother at home, with two children, his heart, always with their own. I want to go out to look for work again, if, I decided, or go out, don't have the Spring Festival home, mom, I'm sorry!

Suddenly thought of, the brother said, welcome you to Guangzhou here, how to say, you is my half sister. Never meant to be. You came here looking for work, there are a lot of good workwomen clothing online.

Suddenly thought of, car Yuxin said, you night after work. Have a look again. After the new year's day, the franchise fee has risen to 15000, and a college degree, age after age 25. I said, I consider again.

Then, what shall I do?

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