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Awful Ford Figo Ad: Silvio Berlunsconi, Gagged Women Updated: Toyota and JWT supplied an apology. Get more information here.Up to now:JWT India developed a series of disturbing ads for that Ford Figo, one ofthese shows original Italian pm Silvio Berlusconi blinking a contentment sign out of your front harley seat of a family car that has a few curvaceous women tangled up and gagged with the trunk.It's not clear in the event Ford accepted the marketing campaigns, or if the agency was just submitting some assuming renderings to show off its own creative grinds. JWT India is normally Ford's agency with the Figo in that country, however. Plus India is recognized for its politically completely wrong advertising And Hitler arrives in ads there fairly often. It is possible which often JWT India ended up being trying cheap wildstar power leveling to get attention for the controversy-laden Western nationalities rather than try to make a statement within the role of ladies in contemporary culture - despite the fact that it's hard to observe this for the reason that anything but boring.If you check out to expand the image, it's seen that the gal in the gorgeous schoolgirl outfit is undoubtedly crying.This tag line visits: "Leave your problems behind utilizing Figo's extra-large boot," wildstar power leveling clearly referencing Berlusconi's several affairs and bunga bunga parties.Commercials of the WorldAnother demonstrates Paris Hilton taking out her truth television competitors: The Kardashians.Classifieds of the WorldWhat happen to be they wondering?We have attained out to JWT in addition to Ford and are generally awaiting review. SEE Equally: McDonald's Hopes It Sandwich Could Crush Metro Awful Ford Figo Ad: Silvio Berlunsconi, Gagged Women of all ages

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