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Links for Maximum Performance

If you redirecting your affiliate links and are promote an affiliate program, you might be passing up on traffic and commissions options. Visiting linklicious free account likely provides suggestions you could use with your mom. Redirecting your affiliate program links really helps to reduce spam selection of one's email promotions, boost the acceptance of post submissions, create backlinks to your website, and reduce 'click concern.'

Reduce Spam Filtering

Other (unscrupulous) affiliates of the same company could be indirectly hurting the supply price of one's communications, If you should be promoting an affiliate program through mail. Mail filters will block messages that contain information or links related to spam. Your messages may be blocked if it includes an URL utilized by spammers, even if you send your message and then readers who have double opted-in to your list.

Search Engine Optimization

Most affiliate plan URLs look something similar to Unfortunately, most search engines have limited or no power to read these links.

Google( TM) cautions, 'In the event that you decide on dynamic pages (i.e., the URL includes a ''? Figure), know that not every search-engine index crawls powerful pages along with static pages. It can help to keep the parameters short and the number of them few.' Google continues on to tell us 'Don't use '&id=' being a parameter in your URLs, even as we do not incorporate these pages in our list.'

Moreover, if you're posting your affiliate link on other sites such as websites, boards, etc., you're missing out on the chance to create useful backlinks that could improve your search engine rankings.

Report Articles

Posting articles to article submission sites and net editors can be a effective way to build backlinks to your site. However, several writers and sites do not accept articles offering internet links. However, virtually all need links to your own site. By changing your affiliate link with a link for your own site, even one that redirects for your affiliate link, you will increase the number of post submissions accepted by publishers and sites.

Lower 'Click Fear'

Thanks to those few sites on the Web that deliver adware, spyware, viruses, etc., many web users are afraid of clicking on links, particularly those that seem 'suspicious.' For the average user who has no special understanding of the interior workings of the Net, a link that has 'strange' characters such as those in dynamic URLs (e.g. will appear less trustworthy than a static link. Browse here at the link to discover where to look at this enterprise.

Just how to Direct Your Affiliate Plan URL

There are lots of approaches to redirect your affiliate program links. One of the most 'search engine friendly' approach may be the 30-1 Permanent direct using the.htaccess report. You need to use this method if your site is hosted on an Apache (Linux, Unix) based machine.

To create a permanent re-direct, open (or create) the.htaccess document. In case people want to learn more about check out is linklicious good, there are thousands of on-line databases you should think about pursuing. About the same point add these code to the file:

Direct 301 /example.html

This rule tells the server to direct '' to your internet link ''

Other methods of redirecting include using PHP's header( ) function and HTML's meta refresh.

Regardless of what affiliate system you are selling, you will gain by redirecting your links. Redirecting your internet links could improve the supply price of the email promotions as well as increase CTR. Should people require to learn additional info about linklicious service reviews, there are many libraries you can investigate. Your articles could be more easily recognized by web marketers and article directories. More over, redirecting changes links to your vendor with valuable backlinks to-your own site..

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