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stop dreaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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what happen to myself??
i cant really noe...
juz feel like i changing
change to a person i never noe b4
a ppl tat i cant recognice
all tis negative mood come to me..
is tis a gud situation??
i dun really think...
what i really duno what has happen..
is it bcoz exam??
but y tis sem oni happen??
is it activities
until me din study
i really dunno..
but juz noe tat i bcome
more worry
more easy to think a lot of thing
in fact those r not important thing...
more easy feel alone
more easy feel sad
n cant focus on my study...
any1 can tell me y i bcome lik tis?????????
i dun like all tis negative feeling la....
i wish i can b a gul tat duno anything n live happly...
but i not sure tat my this wishes can come true anot...
mayb a bit difficult ad......

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