Honda FIT首賣 FORD Fiesta首賣照片太唯美!綿延抹茶山脈 總統府人權委員黃俊杰:...
2005-04-13 01:17:01


Polaroid sx-70 same as below~

2005-04-13 01:15:40


Polaroid sx-70~ April first weekend~, 2K5

2005-04-02 07:41:12


wahahahahahahahahahahaha~ and the answer is ....Yes, we were drunk~ Feb. 12nd. 2K5, TPE

2005-04-02 05:49:38

Movie: Motorcycle Diaries

IT's good movie of this period of time, "Be Cool" isn't too good and can't even relate it to "Get Shorty", generally "Be Cool" isn't well delivered(from my friend) and not connected(from me) ....Anyw...

2005-03-26 06:33:52
2005-03-26 06:32:43


lomo lc-a, 伯爵 100, TPE, Feb, 2K%

2005-03-26 06:30:33

yum~ potato~

my friend Tim, graphic designer/music hopper~ 411:lomo lc-a, 伯爵100, no flesh fired(color flash) Van Nuys, CA Feb, 2K5

2005-03-26 06:27:50

come out come out whereever you are

it's odd year in L.A. ~ It's been raining on and off more than 8~9 weeks in it really because of the global warming or the green house effect? better luck tomorrow is always better than t...

2005-03-17 07:29:42


will my family go into a place where exactly like this picture that no one can get close and far away from myself? I almost scared myself to death one day I was driving on the way home. I thought o...

2005-03-17 05:59:18

無題 III w/ color flash..... 錯愕? 捉狹? ..... ╮(╯ε╰)!

2005-03-17 05:55:59

late @ night

late at night, lomo start grinding..... --------------------------------------- recently I have tons of thoughts about everything in my life. I feel I am getting to a point that I cannot stand a...

2005-03-17 05:48:41

looking into you

when you go home, did you just close the door-change your clothes-throw some music and make yourself soak in a place where you feel comfortable with? did you really look at yourself in the mirror ...

2005-03-04 06:09:34

無題 II

妳/ 你看到幾個我?

2005-03-04 06:08:01
2005-03-04 04:26:09


老爸傳來的, 看看。 ************************************************************** 婚家女富男貧,男家恐其賴婚也,擇日率男搶女,誤背小姨以出。女家追呼曰:「搶差了。」小姨在背上曰:「莫聽他,不差...

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