2009-03-01 23:15:55

♪ It’s High Tide Baby

Artist:The Blackout featuring Ian Watkins Song:It’s High Tide Baby Is this worth fighting for You’re worth fighting for As I face the crowd and take a bow This time its up to you Time is u...

2008-12-22 17:44:03

My Sweet Girl

My Sweet girl... 似乎是我從沒問過 一直想說 不問也許就真的不會有 有的時候 是我 顧忌太多 是我 不善於表達感受 如果是 妳不讓我擁有 可以的話請告訴我 我不在乎任何理由 不在乎妳要的是什麼 如果是...

2008-12-21 16:56:58

Perhaps I Look Like This Song

Girl I didn’t know how you think about me and I didn’t know what I’m thinking at all I don’t care about what the pass and the future Cause sometimes I feel so tired I just want to tell you Perhaps...

2008-12-21 15:40:10
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