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Vineyards of Southern California – with Dolin Malibu Estate

When one hears the name Malibu, one usually thinks about surfing, the beach, and fun in the sun. But, if you’re into wine, the sight of the Malibu Hills can cause your mind to wander and begin thinking about grapevinesThat’s what happened to Elliott Dolin.

Elliott and his wife bought the property in 2001, and began renovating it. When it came to landscaping decisions, they noticed other vineyards in the area. So, the idea of a garden morphed in something much bigger. After planting 900 vines of Dijon clone Chardonnay in 2006 on an acre overlooking the Pacific, they were off and running.

The timing of this show couldn’t be better. Although the Malibu Coast AVA has now been approved veuve clicquot, just this week the L.A. Board of Supervisors voted to ban future vineyard development in the region. While Dolin Estate and other currently planted vineyards are grandfathered in, no new development will apparently be allowed to take place.

Join us as we talk with Elliott Dolin about what is now the Malibu Coast AVA, as well as his decision to plant a home vineyard and become a wine producer. You’ll find there’s more to Malibu than Baywatch cristal champagne!

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