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Met new friends from Russia

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Met new friends


My neighbor, Mr. Liu was graduated from Moscow University. His

Russian friends Stas and Tatyana came to visit him in Taipei. Stas

was a professional painter and his wife Tatyana was a leader of Ilya

Repin’s Memorial Home. Although they both work, the cost of

travelling from Russia to Taiwan was expensive. A painter couldn’t

have regular income, so Stas hoped to sell paintings while he was


Ilya Repin’s Memorial Home

Mr. Liu introduced the couple to me and asked me If there was

any chance to sell Stas’ paintings. I was not an extrovert, however

I had some friends who worked in the world of art. Professor Tseng

was an expert of art market in Taiwan, and he was willing to help.

He arranged a demonstration class for Stas at National Taipei

University of Education (NTUE). Tatyana, more interestingly, was

invited to have two speeches. One was at NTUE and the other was

for Taiwan Art Administration and Management Soceity (TAAMS).   


Tatyana was invited as an VIP at NTUE


The art department of NTUE was holding a conference on

international university museums. The host of the conference 

invited experts from different countries. With the experience of

working at the most important artist in Russia Ilya Repin’s Memorial

Home for over forty years, Tatyana was invited as an VIP to share

her knowledge. Tatyana was thrilled to have unexpected invitations.

She worked flat out on the speeches in my apartment for several




Ilya Yefimovich Repin- self portrait 1877


The speeches and painting class went successfully. I was very

impressed by Tatyana’s speeches about Ilya Repin.


Ilya Yefimovich Repin was born in 1844. He was a

leading Russian painter and sculptor of the

Peredvizhniki artistic school. An important part

of his works is dedicated his native country,

Ukraine. His realistic works often expressed

great psychological depth and exposed the tensions

within the existing social order. Beginning in the

late 1920s, detailed works on him were published in

the Soviet Union, where a Repin cult developed

about a decade later, and where he was held up as a

model "progressive" and "realist" to be imitated by

"Socialist Realist" artists in the USSR. The world

record price for a painting by Repin is £1.4m at

MacDougall's Auction House London, November 2009. 



Peredvizhniki Artistic School, was well known as Repin Institute of

Arts.  We were lucky enough to attend Tatyana’s speeches, she was

graduated from Repin Institute of Arts.


Repin Institute of Arts


The luck reflected on Stas as well, he sold more than ten paintings.

Stas was a hard worker. During his visiting in Taiwan, he nearly

painted from morning to evening every day. He loved the coasts,

his feet had marked at Fisherman Wharf, Phuoclong seashore and

Tainan seashore. He finished quite a few shore boats, and almost

sold out. It was surprising and exciting to Stas and Tatyana.


Stas was painting a portrait of mine in my apartment


Why was Stas a such lucky painter? Stas said, ‘reasonable price’

before he left Taiwan. However, I have different opinions. Besides

working hard, Stas was smart enough to know how to paint and

what to paint. One might think he was a person of utilitarian. Stas

actually was a humble and shy artist, he never commented or

boasted about his work. His answer was always ‘I don’t know’

When I asked silly questions, such as, Do you like your paintings?

Do you think it is a good painting? 


Stas Borodin  Yachts in Paris  2009,  oil on canvas,  75 x 60


Stas was an outdoor painter, his painting style followed the Post

Impressionists of late nineteen century, Paul Cezanne was his role

model. Although his paintings couldn’t have much contemporary

representation, his color was subtle and solid. The images revealed

the characteristics of Stas with a stable and calm atmosphere, within

them I saw the brilliant Russian.


My sister brought three paintings from Stas


By the way, Stas and Tatyana were filled with appreciation on the

day they left Taiwan. The couple invited Mr.Liu’s family and me to

visit their home town and promised to provide free accommodation

 for us. They had received our hospitality over the three weeks. And

they thought that we were brilliant people, too.


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