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City of Sails- Auckland

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City of Sails-Auckland City



There are lucky people who have more than one country to live,

and I am one of them. To me, Taiwan is my sweet home, New

Zealand is another dream world.


My friend Beth asked me if I could make a visit when she was going

to have her first solo show. I didn’t think very much about the trip,

what bothered me was the word ‘visit’. Beth invited me to visit her

new house, however I was subconsciously feeling like going home,

to my second country New Zealand.


Auckland was a place that I had nine year memories, even I came

back to live in Taipei, I always wished to have an excuse for going

back to live in Auckland again. Although I had a lovely house in

Auckland, I did’nt miss the house very much, More precisely, It was

Auckland the place that I missed not a particular house anyway.




  a butterfly-hatched in Beth’s house



 a surf class at Long Bay beach in Auckland




 at Long Bay beach













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