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English Poetry 英文詩 文章數:5
Baby is cryingShe is not crying, she is talkingShe says, mom…I am hungry…mom…where are you?Mother is hesita... (詳全文)
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The curtain wafts across the desk The brush sit on its rest The house is filled with blossom scentSpring has c... (詳全文)
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The luke-warm tea potRests discarded on the window sill.Two full cupsOne on the bamboo matOne on the book of p... (詳全文)
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Sister, she looked at me, smiling. Grandma, she looked at sister, smiling.I said, you have found each other, t... (詳全文)
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What is beautiful, a fresh bud, a brilliant rose, a withered petal? What is attractive, a newborn b... (詳全文)
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