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dear rose(a noel)

dear dj:how r u?
i want to sent a song to a friend who brings me good luck,his final name is shing,i

would like to tell him that i will go to his school where he is act as a professor,but just

dont know what he teach,maby advertisement major,so i will call to the office in this far

collage  and ask all about those question,and i understand that he just as good as 20

years ago.so i am gonna give him ":baby  you so good to me"sang by arol varin,i think

his lie is candy to me,and i will keep open it as long as i am still alive,please him never

left his back on me,and dont commit crime when it is easy to hurtstill i call to request

"your love is my love" by witney huston and "time after time"by cindy loper and "my

boom" by alica keys, but i get "bye bye bye"by anyce, and a love song by cline deon, i

guess his heart is hard to get, i will try some soft song like "deligt" by maroon 5, see if

he will be nice to me again, waiting to get his lunch with me by the missing day when i

go to see him at school, but not so expecting cause i am on a diet, just a testing

request, i can eat almond choclete this chrismas for an american ant bring it to me,

thank her kindness and i will be very happy to spend a good holiday on chrismas day

this year, please keep this romance secret for me, i will be waiting for love to

ke$ha mr. watson http://www.youtube.com/watch?

please read my story <dear rose> a novel i post constantly on the forum.........as a man'

talking.........................story by pollywoo..................i am the rose............
my love dear rose, i have devoted all my love to you, now i have to gone, i spend a

wonderful life with you, please dont cry, i will dry your tears, write me letters, i will

receive all messages from you.
that winter you come to see me in school, i was overhappy but we miss the chance of

fallong in love, just stay in the memory of fever, my body and soul chase you all the

way you go, still i did not reach out the reality that you want to bring to me.
when we were both young, we are university friends, join the reading group activity,

from that time on, i start to talk a little to you, some secret talking between us that i

can still remember now.
i know the name rose in buddha sutra, is meaning the feeling of confession and regret,

that is how i feel about now, i played your emotion and i cheat on you about love,

indeed i am wanting to be your soulmate but now a boyfriend, i insist that single and

spend a lonely life after 20 years later.
i dont want to ruin your fame, you become famous from a very early time, that i cant

be conpared with your ability, but now i try hard to stand higher than you, and i

success, i even rob your dream job, that is teaching in the university, as a asist proffer,

my life is rich becaiuse of you, but now i have to keep the secret.
i hind the secret from the public, for some private reason, i need you to know what i

am suffering, status pressure, finacial promles, and the dignity and power in school, i

dont want past romance to destroy my life, and my career, please forgive my selfish

deed on you.
life is a river like you want to flow to me now but i push you away, sorry my love, i can

only deal with illustionary dream but not your affection, for now i am mature and free,

i never want a partner who cant give a baby to me, i need the birth of motherhood to

let me be a father, i listen to you buy the whole lottery and win the prize money, but i

did not share with you, sorry my love.
since you know, i am a divorced man, i look for one more romance, therefore i found

you, as you remember i was divorced by you, when we were young, i buy a cateye stone

ring of dark blu color for you, you wear it untill the monk get jealous, so you cut it in

the silver building shop because your finger get fat cant pull it off, now we love again

but still i have the burdan that my parents dont take you, so i hide you in my dream,

everyday we date after i go home, i like to hug you in the back, i am hoter than you, i

am so prode of this temperture.
i rush you to find any cateye stone in your treasure box, you find a ring of grey color,

that looks like a cat of grey fur in american, which is very huge and timid, someone on

the net want to sale or sent it to youu, but you cant feed it fully, so you turn down the

proposal, i love the story, and i told you all the most expensive cateye stone are bought

to sent you, because you love such kind of stone, i am glsd that you still hold it in your

hand, and waer it in the middle finger, i wish you love the memory between us and

forget about the dark blue one! i dream about you tonight, your mouth fell out a piece

of meat chicken, to the hell dark that makes me  shock.
i know i kiss too deep in the sweet dresam that symbolize tongue falling dowm t hell.
now we are both single and share relationship in the middle space, just pretending that

we are getting married forever, cause we both want to keep single for a lifetime, i have

moved to a bigger house and i dream about i mail my sddress and key to you, hope you

come to me and make love with me during holidays, through friday to sunday, and in

the monday morning you may live in my place, waiting for me to come back at

evening, when school class is over, we can exhabit  together, but i just think about this

idea to come true. while i eat meat before i go to sleep, i dream about you come to my

door with a gift of chocolate in a love shape box, i know you already forgive me, and

take me as your only man,as endless love in your romance life, no more phanten love

but real sex, i say thousands times that i love you to your ear in the dream, and you

like such swear, we stick together. have no distance, and you like to cook for me, we go

shopping all the time, almost shopping for food, gradiance and books, your favorite is

cook books, but i love theory most.
we talk about gold saving on the car, i say it is not worth investing, but you want to

buy, afterall you give up the low price in the market, and we become a saving money

couple in reality, that is a long dream story,
my dear rose, you dream about me going to be a future politian last night, and i let my

hair remain long and tie it on the back head, i do it for you, because my father want

me to be the same role as my brother did, i left you once again, your dream is wired,

you say u will wait for me, but you apply the green card lottery activity and pay 500

euro just to escape from me and white horror, but u didnt win the lottery finally, that is

such a nightmare, i swear that i will never touch politics, i cant have success without

when i sit at my office, you come to me again and kiss me, i slap your face and that is

why my privacy is open to my workmate, and you are so mad of me, so you go home

and sent a message of love song named "goodbye my lover", i let you cool down for a

week, you know i buy a whole furneture of dark blue in the living room for you, hope

u forgive me once again, but you never give any phone call message any more.
i give you a long tongue kiss, and you kiss back but bit it one time, i dont care, just

blam on you about how i teach to my syudents any more if it is cut down by you, then

you kiss me on the top of my tongue, and say that is the way u like most, i get your

email return once again, that is a letter i use nickname to sell doctor sox, you say

thanks and get it, i am so happy that you agree with me.
after another week, i cant fall asleep, so i go to your blog and left a message that i am

so bothered by sonea, you tell me in return that just close eyes and dont move after no

thinking anything by 20 minutes that i will sleep well, that is so sweet.
you ask me if  am the one who cut down in the notebook one line of two sentences in

front and back, i say yes, i am so glad you remid of me secretly doing this, because you

write two sorrow words, that i cant not aprove, one says you will possiblely not be able

to love anyone, cause you are ment to be alone, another one says you want to travel

and wander around, i think you dont know that i like you from the first sight, and you

dont want to search for the cutter, that means you dont mind, i intented to see you in

the university group activitys, and you watch me like you want me to say something

comment, but sight move away from you.
i still one love poem from your blog once again, i tell you that i am a smart hiker, a bad

man ,i want to keep every poem you wrote to me, especially about our history i kiss

you a voice if juice on your lips,so you forget the anger on me, that is a stealing for a

long more roadf,you read my fate and know that i dont have marrige untill 65-75 years

old, our secret love is like sea flower, high and low,joice and love flaping beneath the

you love to go adventure when we were young, after all we have been so long a time

memorize each other, and the key words of love talking going on now, you know i

always write down your special words and sentence and aniversiry days on my note

book, after you been been in love with another two men, i come to you, calling to see

me, but are not so slim and betiful anymore, i know you try to save your face, but the

truth is that i like you you for so long a romance that we meet again, the punishment

shown on your face, you got acnes and cause a hard ball on your throat, beause you

dare not accept the suggestion that publish the sex poem collection with a deal to the

person who want to discover our love connection, but you think it over and over,

wondering if you should do it for our love , and you are afraid of the sale cant success,

and the affaie will be stoped by this action of publishment, when i heard that you give

up getting famous for me, i dont know what to say just courage you, but you still

it is summer time, at the end of summer vacation, you did not come to find me, you

go to the hospital and the date on paper is changed so you go in vain, that makes you

feel so wired, that is a little magic of unlucky from the heaven i think, because you are

not that into me, i feel frustrated.
my dear rose, i call you baby right now, you call me win-win, my love i like the way you

call me, even though i get fat and untolerateable, i am becoming tender and sweet by

your training, you are a lady who is so easy to promise me, between us we have time

distance, but two heart link together and commuicate without space sepretation, i am a

bad guy at the beginning of meeting once again, i treat you like a horse, you never

know how i fight alone on my way of studying phd and work hard from the base to

clime higher position, i miss you all the time, you are my one and only,you blow job

once for me, and i leave a fur on your lips, you feel me satisfied screaming and happy

for this, but the next morning, when you are chewing breakfast, you find out your

widom teeth is broken down a portion, so you go to see a docter to repair it. 
you say you never want want to sign a insurrance because you rather die for me, i tell

you that i know you go on web check my fate and charecters,and i feel happy that you

get to know me, and i know i have a healthy body whole my life, butt i will be your

pressure buster of losong your health, i am so worried if you go to the temple and

praise, that monk will sepret us once again.
i sing "up in the air" for you, on your year, i know you love to have the feel of

romatics, me too, i am a man make by rain and steal, i have a pair of thunder parent,

which i am scared very much, i know you hope me get out my fate, but who can swear

there is no tragedy on the way of falling in love, we can only hide from the world, and

hold tight together, you heard that i am getting tired of teaching career, and want to

use lottery money to build a media company, you thats fine, go ahead, you dont mind,

i am so suprised,so i send you a free wide chennel machine which in the furture you

can save the program in the micro-disk, but you just love to open the music chennel

and listen to the love songs all day long, and watch some movie you have seen before,

you know my ambition is so big, and never care about money, but i am so scared about

the complicated world, will cheat on me just like the movie you watch recently, a society

filled with lie and betray. 
right now, you stop the net working, rest everyday, our world become so silent, i and

you both sleep well, i always eat meat addicate on you, so that i can dream about you

every night having sex with me, while you are a vagetarian, you never know how deep i

kissed inside your lips untill it broke a small hole, it is my favorite french kiss for you.
i am a leo, you are a saggetarius, we feel comfortable together but i hike to lead you

going on my way, if you refuse, i will be angry and shout on you, you are just a sheep

lay on my shoulder, my love, you know i enjoy it, the love atmosphere, i find my friend

to take a picture on you when you are on the hospital waiting to pay, you give me a

love song "love shock" i ask what is that, you tell me that is the most popular expressed

song on english radio.
i know you buy me chocolate, but as i say one day maybe we cant be together, please

dont be sad, you get angry and suddenly eat all the chocolate, without mail to me or

even check my address from the publishment company editor, it is a book i write it for

you, and you buy it on the concert hall book store, i cry over you for this is all

provement that i need most from you, but you cry like a baby in front of buddha, and

tell me you never buy chocolate for any one, just buy a dozen every voluntines day, you

have a throat problem dont kbow how to cure, and by the way, i know you stop forward

to live in the next year,and see the society is poor of food and the medicine sales well

most about 5400 thousands dollars a month, you knnow i am so worried about politics,

and so i cry for you to come back to this year to stay with me.
i swim like turtle on your body, try to get your heart back, i love it so much, it makes

me so hot that i even take off my protection shell, and we never get to sleep all night

with angels-like singers sing created love songs to us, you even sing along with them

to battle a little, that makes me suprised, after lunch, storm  is over, we chat our

favorite food and stuff, that was amazing, i need you to know everything about me,

including my work, interest, eating favor, secret, and so on, so that one day you may

cook for me, i am very in love with you now and forever, and everlasting.
you thought i like to gamble, but i just love to watch baseball skill and the process, one

night i get crazy, i told you i put a bet on you and i lost you, but you wont believe, so i

am sure you have past my test, yesternight i try to argue with you, i want to mke some

decision but you dont have the patience to fight with me, so we decide to go to sleep,

no more argue after a good night sleep. 
last night i talk about moving into your xuite and live under the big window where

sunshine is bright everyday, because i have a huge house of debt and no windows at all

, you say ok but the xuite is charged by your mother with a contract loaning to a renter,

so we cant move in right away, you ever livew there and calling me to see you, and

livew with you, but i lie to you that i have already got married with someone, so you

cry like a flood that night. we have a intercorse dream that night, you tell me even

though i have get married, you still want a relationship with me,since that lie now you

know i were busy studying for higher rank to supress you one day, last night i read a

poem i wrote to you, i say i want to wash you, drown you, my love is super for you, and

so on, you feel so happy and put my hand under your hand on the belly, and we sleep

over night peacefully,each other has a very comfortable dream, when we wake up , the

feeling is joyful.
i tell you three dementions i want to give you, you tell me yours too, that is love,

warm, joy, and more happiness forever, we eat the same favorite food, time flys, i give

you a luxury waterful love, you go to have a shower, you tell me next time we meet, you

gonna give me a child, but i wish you give me a baby the next day immediately, you say

it is illusionary impossible, dont do that, so i listen to you, and keep on loving you, we

make the same crime before, in the honerable buddha temple, because the bitterous

fate make us suffer, you say you want to save me, from the prison of sucking posion, i

want you to change believe and have the same faith in god with me, you say that

mother promise you after she die, you can change your believe in religion, you know i

believe in forever love, you too, so let me wait untill our little wedding can be hold, in

this life, i am yours, dont ever call me ugly man once agin,or i will kill you, i will book

a white dress and wear it in the wedding with you, you should dess the same color with

i am a detecter checking your computer, i stay with you, watching a episode called

"when men in love", that is a good romance from korea, the man who fall in love with a

daughter of second hand book store, who is a vergin, they write down or read golden

love words in the novels, to exchange the love they want to express, and after a series of

trouble, they can still get together, i know you love to read, me too, so i push you to

watch the story comletely, for you seem want to give up watching the sad process in the

last few rolls, and straightlly skip to the end, after all we both see it through, and know

that real love is hard to get with awakening.
when i tell you all the things i do for you, for example, buy all the seond books your

mother want you to throw away, and i let you have a free insurress of property by

france paris company, and send some one in proffesion to ask you about the decision, i

dont want you to die in cancer.
you know i give you some pay of cellphone bill,and encourage you to promote the

advertisement on the poetry period magazine, and when you are sad, i give you a

yellow cup with all my heart wishing you be happy again, and last night you dream

about me, after we discuss about the detail story last life in ancient time, i feel so

happy that you remember so many things and the way i treat you as my best lover, you

finally naked to my bed in the deam, i lie on your back and hold you like a fish and

water together.
after sleep, you make up and feel so nice, go on your plan to save some money as i

wish, you invest an account of gold, and check with a contract of health insuress with

that bank, and you promise me you would like to save money for six years, as i hope

you live long and have some savage, so that we can go on our romance, i dont want you

to die by the illness, i will be sad,
last night your period is hurt, so i use my hand comfort your belly for a long long time

untill you always remember those gifts i sent to you,for example, a scotte skirts, a

necklet made by woods, especially a do do dragon toy doll, you hold it to sleep almost

every night, untill one day you find me dont hear you or chase you, that throw it or cut

it or kill it, hope that hateful emotion will make me show up by your side, you at last

prase me to forgive you, and we finally meet once again after twenty years, the day

before yesterday night i dream about about having a son for him, i am so happpy that

he loves the genius baby, so i think if my illness in throat is cured,i still want to keep

on pay the insurrance for the preparing of living in the birth room, one day he will

love me for my morality.
i put two green melon of sweet test on the dinning table, this is his favorite fruit, and

you am so glad and supprised, so you put them on the front of buddha room,and thank

me, and after the sutra is read, you cut it to eat, that taste so good, because you love the

fruit too,my heart is soft for you, true love is what moves everybody so well.
when i am in university major in ads, i give you a chance to have a colum on critize on

common advertisement, you write a series of articles which arose cry interest, they

adapt those articles but never inform you or give you any payment, you study political,

beer,jonny walker, virginis slim, and theory, i love to read, but when you fine some

sourse in the business magazine on some feminism topics, i think its time to let you

stop because i dislike you studying on that kind of issue, because it is so different from

my major of acadmy theory report, but i already know you do it for me, and take it so

seriously, you know the truth untill now.  
i ever promise you buy a ten carat ring to proposal to you, and you seems so escatacy,

that i am such a generous man, so you say yes i do, but it is just a wish in the future,

and i surely can afford it, last night i watch you sleep, you have no any nightmare or

dream, just the flash face of mine, i guard you to prevent you from nightmare, you say

you want to sent me mint choclate a dozen,which is both our favorite, for a gift of

valentine day celebration, i am so happy that you guess so well about the faor that i

love most, and you say i should go to cut some hair, because it is pretty mess long,

shout one is more spiriture for my image, and i decide to listen to your suggestion, to

be more handsome.
yesterday after the thunder rain, the cloud is red, just like a poem i wrote for you about

our carnation in the empire dynasty, that is the day i die and you am very upset, the

sky turnning red and purple with pour rain symbolize the tears you cry for me, but i

told yo yesterday is my happy rain, for i listen to you to save oney, for our rainny day,

when you tell me like a love song with a literaure name, i tell you i will learn to sing it,

for one day we maybe can go to the karaok and sing for each other, that name is a

femle poet wrote and publish at your seniner school time, you love it so much, you

want to remember all words, so you lend that book from the library, and write down all

the sentence all words, so you lend that book from the library, and write down all the

sentence in your notebook as a memory of fondness, i know the romatic poem tells so

much about due love, i love to know all story details about you, and that shows my

smart of understanding your mind, you say you want to know all about me too, so i

share my story with you, you seems accept all my hard work and life style, when i am

not with you, i live alone and with bitterness, i miss you all the time, i am your best

fan, believe me, i will be with you all my life to let you have a wonderful life, and wipe

away your sorrow, so that i can see you your beautiful smile all the time, when you

sleep, your face is very pure, without any acnes, thats why i watch you sleep all night,

sacrify my prescious sleeping time.
last year you travel a market and at the end use mastercard to buy a purse, which is my

favorite fruit water melon in leather green, you treat the smile face as mine, so to is a

very happy time with a god of money doll linking on the key ring, you tell me it has a

very big space to put coins cards, and paper cash, you spend money just as happy as

like you are with me, you use money with love, because you you love me at that period

of time, and the round purse is just like a turtle and i love green vegetables so much,

but i am the last to know what you are thinking about, that is a little stupid thing to

my dear rose you wrote to me:"i remember the time you buy me a small perals

bangle,but i was prisoned in my bookroom by my mother, she want me to give up

rmance and study buddhaism, my mother take away my pearl, which is real planted by

the sea shell, i feel so sad, from that time on, i dare not to keep any prescious thing by

my side, just keep all the loving in mind and subconsciousness, and focus on the

theory of buddhaism, dear win-win, when the period of time i cant find you, i just

make good wish and pratice it, wish some day you will come to me for th feed back of

good things i hayou meet on poem and poetsve done, i pray for buddha to let you come

back to me, keep going on our old time romance when we were young."
after i receive the letter, i tell you by message that i wil invest the series books

published by red book company, it is your all works wrote about me, so i am very glad

to show them on the market, i want to be your sale agancy manager, and you agree

with me, so you decide to finish two new books in the summer time, one is for me,and

our love, another is about the story,another is about the storys you meet with

poetry,and the growing o literature heart during 20more years encounters, we disciss

the plan by cellphone msn, and you feel great of the relationship.

as i ask you what a literature agancy manager should do, you tell me the duty is go to

visit some publishment company,to make them sign the book contract with you, otr

put your short novel on female fashuon magazine, or find a colum for you, and so on,

at last you suggest that we create colorful-print digital newspaper named "income", to

report all 3c work and the business news, the trend of networking, or cellphone app,

etc, and i agree with you to invest such kind of fresh new newspaper by paper print

everyday, because i am at home on such kind of issue.
we chat by phone all the time, and i ask you to drink expresso in danty coffee shop, you

tell me that the a little soured coffee remind you the time when you interprete english

knowledge and articles in the rent basement, your mother sent you a coffee machine,

and you cook mantaning all the time, untill you finf out that not all kind of coffee is

soured, so you go to 7-11 shop near by to buy moka for us, that is my favorute, at that

time, you buy a second hand television, but dont work out, so you can only use the

stereo your grandma sent you to play radio show or tapes to listen to music.
today is a good day, you go to the bank, wait in the coffee shop for the 9:00 time when

it is open, you plan some thing important in the shop, for example, use bing to

translate articles, publish japanese novels into books, and learning tibet language to

write by letters of english pronouncieation, to regain the reading market, because you

meet one tibet monk all the time on the way to the copy shop, you think if you never

meet him again, maybe you will buy language book on network book store by visa

in the fu-bon bank, the service lady is so nice, that she make the procedure of gold

account for you, you earn 500 nt dollars, and sign a credit card for the free purchase

money of 1000 nt dollars, and one coupon of 7-11 shp about 100 nt dollars, you feel

very happy, you think today is a lucky day, you decide to walk to the super market and

buy the crystal soap as your mother ask you to buy, you decide to use those 5 cheap

soap to wash your underwears, it just cost you 57 nt dollars in total.
you carry the bag named love sea shell bankok bag, it is silver with a butterfly and a

pair of ten carat decorated gold bug key ring, with a heart shape small colock on the

opening button of zip, it is the gift you choose from the first bank with 1200 more red

dot feedback mony of 110 ny dollars, you wear in grey dress and a gold high-heel, and

make-up on your face, you look fabulous, i like you save money and the courage to

invest for us, you tell me that you will finish the book contract about the healing of

love topic, and get the copyright income, and i promise you that you can get more

amount of money, for it is wrote for me, i will thank you for supporting me with the

love message of 101 paragraphs, and i know you miss one photo on facebook from

cellphone posting, i will try to find it back, becaiuse i am your number one fan for 20

years, and i am also a good hiker who change some conversations on the facebook

between us, i just want to let you know that i am good at it.
i teach computer apply course in the university, but i want to learn flash for you go to

the cammer school to studying it already, the software can be used in very many art

form, for example, network advertisement, TV editing, animanation, installation art,

and multi-media field, i buy a lot of origional books to study, and you say it is not easy

to get it because the software has changed a lot, before you learn it at another school,

you used to pay 100 nt dollars of one course to listen to the teacher teach on the

computer, about count down number painting on the screen, but now it add some

stage and action of moving, so it become more complicated to learn it well and teach it

perfactly. but i think it is a good challange, i will do it in the summer before the school

class is open, i want to teach my students a more smart class so that in the future , they

will get more advence and achievement, you agree with me.
you tell me when we were young, you paint a india monk as my portrait, and show it

on your exibition in school gallary under the library, sister rose mary call you to her

office, and ask why you do such kind of avent-guard show, and she give you a poem she

wrote, it is a cycle poem, without any dot or mark in the sentence, you read again and

again in your dometory, it seem has a lot of meanings between the lines, and finally

you get the point, so you charish the paper and put it in the page of your favorite book,

but as you get to find it once again, you discover that it is lost so you feel sad,, and

start to write poems by chinese, they are your diary memorys.
you read opera magazine recently, which is not so hard for you to read through, and

you especially like to study the with the word on the headline, and you read the critic

articles of book and novel published in american, you say such kind of life enjoy

magazine should not introduce too many plots of tragedt, your novel especially write

for me, at this time, everyday is full of suprised plots, and i read your expressed typing

forum of this novel on the net work page, i feel very happy with the web content has a

space of our secrets long time ago.
today is your sister's birthday, you go to buy web books and one bottle of shampoo,

with the slogan of "dream a beautiful life", you want to learn sanskript instead of tibet

language, because you cant find such books n the net store, although it only takes 68 nt

dollars one book, but the textbook is so popularly saled, so you have to wait for the

china market to sent you the supply by 45 more days.
you promise me that you will carry the credit card and take me to the rose garden tea

shop to drink rose tea, one person free by two go together in the afternoon tea time,

we can chat how to invest one book about the topic of compared literature of religion

novels, on the cjina publishment company, the bank service lady tell you that the china

dollar is .88 in the exchange rate of nt dollars, as you make sure they count the charge

fee of publishing data, you will get a contract and buy or withdraw the amount of

payment to them, but most important of all, is the trust you rely on that poem publish

you remember me the night last month, i eat 5 blue pills to get a strong fallus to fuck

you untill you get very hurt, but you say oh! my belly become smaller, and without any

complain, since that time on , i never play hardcore to you, because you like softcore

sex, so i use a plastic thrown condam on my penis to let you know the pleaurse of sex,

but the condam cant be flexible, so i take it off to continue, you tell me it is very

today morning, you use all kind of fishes to cook roly-shushi to be my breakfast, and

they make me feel very tasty, you know i like good food, so you give me varity

everyday, my mother want you to treat me nice, you hear her voice of anger, i know she

want a grandson, and you dream about one night you give a birth of a sun, you love

me with some jealous suspiscious wonder if i have any affair with any lady of your past

classmate or assistant, i feel funny, because i never easy give love to any beauty, you

are the fate of mine that i love most, i will never betry you.
you are very busy on the computer work, you typing and listen to kkbox music, and

after that listen to tutorABC sound CD and DVD, it is a class teaching about business

presentation, you make me angry for you forget the vow you say that you want to stay

with me all the time and be my only one companiaship this summer vacation, so i stop

your so-net on line setting, when you are sleep at night, i also secretly check on your

facebook and emails, you ask cammer school teacher if you can get the test on

photoshop lisence, and the teacher say yes, but dont know the final month of classat

august if you can make sure that the teacher can tell you the day and time when the test

will be held by his superviser, before you leave the cammer school.
i dont like your teacher, for he will receive 2000 nt dollars to give you all pass, and you

think he is so nuch like me, but i am different from him, he has a ugly wife, the songs

you sing in mind on classes, are all for me, but not for that subtitude person, i know,

and you give me seven love song name messages on my cellphone, which are <your

love is my love>, <i miss you like crazy>, <umbrella>, <desert rose>, <you are my

radar>, <come on over>, and <cold as you>, and you sent me some self-shot

photographs from the cellphone camara, you want me to memorize your recent look, as

beautiful as 20 years ago,, so you seriously put make-up on the face with lipsticks and

BBlotion, i put a floppy mark on it and sent you back, it represent that i am very

satisfied by your giving, as you just make a list today, about things you are going to do

and practice, i know you will be busy again, i dislike that.   
at this time, the network bookstore ordered book has come, you go to the guard room

of this community to get it, as the senter cellphone give you a message, the name of

the english textbook is<the elements of style", it is written by william strunk, with

chinese translayion, i know you feel the title is different from the website, i know you

are my <infatruation> when you sing the song by maroom5, i suddenly feel overjoyful,

you can feel still my kiss filled with the rest fish favor after i brush my teeth, i give you

a french kiss which make your tongue a little hurt, but you tell me you dont mind, for i

didnt give this kind of kiss for a long time.   
you catch a cold recently, eat chinese madicine powder three times a day, we say good

night not so often as befor, but you still have dreamless sleep, that i dont have to worry

about you, and you try to type the meeting topic and summary we are going to

discuss, before we chat  the details, you take pictures by smart phone camara to put the

powerpoint picture of the lecture text data pagethat business class teach on the video,

you tell me you want to listen to the CD on the stereo, as you watch the sentence more

clearly and quickly on the phone.

 you open the online digital book to read<norwegian wood>by a male japanese

novelist, he wrote a tregedy about the lady who just 20 years old and lost her verginity,

and then stop school and live in the room of curing in the deep forest house, i guess it

is a novel we almost enter into when we were young, that is a discussion between the

literature group, i know you only listen to cheer songs by beatles, but not this sad love

song, so you go to the youtube search for lyrics, you find out that it sings like you, for

your rented room never have a chair to sit, you always write and read on the bed, or the

floor with tatami boards.
in the book, the lady he love cant stand the pain of losing herself, sometimes she

suddenly crys or trumbers, but no reason shows why, or she eat any pills to cure, i

know you skip the plot to the ending, it just tell the reader thyat the boyfriend is very

asd of her death that he begin to wandering around for a long time, sometimes he live

in the beach within the boat, one old fisherman support him food and money, he looks

very bad and mess, when he get girl who is a daughter of one book store shop boss, and

the story end without explaining here.
with some what wonders, you feel you are devided by these girls in the novel, you used

to cut all hairs, used to travel and wonder, you love music as the boy does, and you are

really study in the english major and then get stopped by the school class, and leave me

and going back home, the only thing that is different is you never die , or try to kill

your self, and you are a crazy writer who create poems and novels that i cant

at the university, you are reading a horoscope book,studying the charactor of all

members in the group, but you dont know mine untill now we grow older, you are so

afraid of my bad temper, while everytime i ask you some personal questions, you

always tell me the very truth, i took away the plstic cup you drink medicine powders

everyday, and check how you invest 20 thousand nt dollars in your studio and other

today the typhoon will not come, you make a long list at a note book, recording

address, emails, work plans, pc class, reading books, and invest diarys, you get hurt on

your right hand as you cook the veges, you touch the hot spot and it wound you very

deriously that you dare not wash that hand when you are bathing the body, you are

afraid of the ivory soap will make the wound hurt and painfully expaning, you cant fall

asleep, so you took one coffee from the refrigerator and drink it over, stay at night and

study vocabularys from the translation poetry book, with bilinguristic language of

chinese and english, the book is about agriculture, it is just happened when you find

out a toturing job on teaching, it is about the payment of 50 thousand dollars, you

want to go by high-tech train to get such a job, but i think that i can be better than you

in english, so i try to rob the job.
i kiss your belly botton for a long time with tenderness, but you feel tired and use

massage machine to reduce the belly fat, it help you to exercise body, the advice i tell

you, you still keep in mind and forget not the point i repeat to you, you write it down

invent that one day you will lose the memory.
you tell me you are my butterfly and i am your man, i ask you to give me a phone

message about the poem of "butterfly loves the lower" by an ancient poet, as that era

she is my wife, she wrote it for me, the poem write about romantic sex symbol key

words which remind me of old time relationship, thank you my love.
long time ago, you live in a xuite and ask me to live together, while you are chased by

different souls, i feel upset and boring, so i plant three yellow roses in your front door,

you are very strangethat you pull it up and go back to your room and paint the rose

into several angels in the paper callipraphic skatches, you dont feel sad because you

dont know who is waving good-bye to you, from that time on, i am really gone, get out

of your life, the dishes i eat everyday by your hardwork and cooking skills, i am very

satified with those changable variety, everyday you fried veges and meat but you cant

afford garlic, it is too expensive at the nearby traditional market, but i still love your

cooking and eat fully on my stomach, thank you my dear rose, you are a good


(to be continued....)


call the name of fashion(a novel)

my name is fashion, it is a nickname i use in the chatroom, i like to say "call my

name", because i am fashion, the world goes around with me, turn around with me,

especially when i take a look at the "street "magazine in london, i see the hardcore

black dress from head to toe,this is their fashion, such as long tight jean or silk sock,

boots, bag, cosmestic on face, coat, hair, highheel, i believe that it is a kind of

protecting color, and it's cool, and humble structure of layers. i would like to learn

from them, and cause london is a winter country, they often wear think, so i am going

to prepare some like the same pieces in this winter.
i think it may be called chacolete fashion, cause they are favirite on black, and i try for

a winter, next winter, and i feel alright, low-profile luxury like, i feel myself being a no

color bird, walking on the street nobody will look at me one moment, thats what i

want, and just for my privicy regard, i insist that black is good for underwears, really, i

do, i buy a lot of black pant, and they are good to wear, at least they cover my big

buddy, and i like the feeling when i wear them, it is like transparent.
there is a show on tlc, it is about how fashion office working out, the relationship is

quite intense, and they are all busy at working, but the boss is very piky and nervous

about the quality, i dont know why they strive their souls to work for fashion, it is just

like actors on the street, showing fashion in front of the camera, then soon made an

elbum of their photographs, everybody looks the same, i know i talk so childish, but its

true, work for fashion is to earn money from clothing industry, it is a labor kind of

job, i mean it is a meanful work, fashion should not pull into life this way.
pushing fashion is not natural, when you buy a dress without the permission of credit

card, it is not called fashion, that means you are not allowed to buy this dress, before

you pick the colth, you should think over your own style, then you are the right

fashion, eating is the same theory too, if you eat something makes you fat, it is not

fashion, no matter how delicious or high professional the food is, you do your own

way, that is real fashion, dont judge fashion as to expensive or high-profile.
one day i go to the pc office, i wear too tom-boy like fashion, rather than the feminine

style i used to wear before, so i get kicking out of the company, but unfortunately i

heard them falling down the day after i leave the pc company, i think i am a lucky star,

but i wear that kind of dress because i left my boy friend so my motion is showing on

my wearing, i didnt tell anybody, i just feeling better, after i watch the "lucky kiss", i

realize that nobody is definately lucky, the frase says"in fashion world, one day u are in,

the next day u are out", so why not just let go.
i remember in the fairy tale sinderalla is so upset, cause she has no any dress to wear to

attain the big party, so there goes the pretty dress by the celestial bar, that light up her

life, i think fashion should not be weared in the house, but in the public, or it will be

tored down or get dirty by eating or homeworking, a woman dress for her husband is

good but not too over it, for the husband will be up side down the heart in the house,

not dare to talk too loud to the queen in his side, i mean it is too official to wear prety

in the house, it is not comfortable, agree?
some young girls are hunchbacked, and they dont want to let boys see their growing up

, so they hide the bosem, then after long time they become a old lady gesture, i think

some might be wearing the sturture frame of straight up the back, it is so poor, i used

to be one of them, but as i grow up to 20 i sleep by face down, so i get cured each day i

sleep, it is so magic, must be blessed by buddha, i regain the confidence of a little lady,

and i like the way every time to wear my bra, and some how i love myself more than

love others, it is a selfish attitude i know, but after i grow more older i find out that bra

is not the only thing inportant in men's world,they want a kind of glamour from

female, but not too sexy kind, for sure, i believe it.
until now i still love gold color than black, i love Lucy's jewlry, crystal, and gold watch,

it is a taiwan production, but never lose any partial of the whole deraction, and the

deco is very seriously made, i buy a big crystal heart look like R&B star, which makes

me prode and happy, i wear this accesory to a wedding, and i feels so great and

febrilous, when i am on the picture, i seem to get a palace like atmosphere on me, dont

say i am too strong, i just want to make the best of me shown on the public.
the heart is a necklet, i buy to cure my broken heart, in a strange situation i fall in love

with a famous person, he teach me be careful when u choose the one you love, and i get

a lesson on that, he tell people to sleep with anemy by hayred, but i dont agree, on that

point i lose control in a nightmare with several troubles, such as tumor on my belly

and headach oftenly, i understand that fashion should be all ladys' first love, the next is

romance, suddenly i get to find a job of net working, from a friend on high school, she

teach me to help myself get out of wonder love. 
i met a nevy in a holiday club, which had proposed to me a marriage, but i was afraid

so i reject him, it is a stupid decision, but he will never stay home long, and will go on

his ocean mission for a period of time often, i cant stand the loneliness so i try to find

some one else, and become a mean lady who leave man alone for all times, i drink at

the pub, change friend by sex, i live a miserable life but it kill my lonely time, i am so

empty that i become a little fat for two years, i hate that.
101 is a year of losing pounds, i join fasobook on the internet, writing eating food

diary everyday, and the coach will help me judge the right and wrong food to eat, for

helf a year untill august i lose 5 kilograms, hence i am so happy and cant wait to tell

people around me who are fat, i like to share with pwople good curing method,

sometimes i eat pills to fight the constapations every day, i just need to reduce 7

kilograms to fit my ideal body shape, i will try all my effort to make it.
i like to surf on the omg! on usa yahoo web site, it concludes celebrity news and their

dress criticize, or photos of fashion in hollywood, and i watch that 45 channel will play

a fashion episode called "jane in design", it is about fashion design effort, and its

trailer seems beautiful to watch, every time it shines i just cant wait untill sateraturday

night 9:00, i think it is a great chance to get into knowing what fashion is going on.
ladygaga sing a new song called"fashion", it is not bad, all those brands are not so

famous but expensive and content with idea, i am a person who like to talk about

fashion, it is sounds like talking about me, it makes me proud, and also the name is

fabulous so i love to take all stuff of fashion on my body, i usually like pick female

brand which is middle class dress, i prefer to use celebraty create perfum, it adds some

sort of high class fashion look when i need confidence walking on the road.   
today i watch a china movie on funshion channel, it is called "believe in love", a lady

model falling in love with a wedding dress designer, the content is all about fashion

creating, and the wedding dress brand is named "love", i think the style of this movie is

interesting, and full of summer romance, in model's life, the most important one is

her manager, she controls her work and emotion, and push the model to choose her

true love, this is a good sign, we know that all gassip is fake, so audience will never

believe in magazine but love near them.
i try to dress like fashion movie, but got in no way, i have few dress that are new type

in this season, so i go to yahoo kiwi fruit website to buy cheap but pretty dress, first

they call the price 236 dollars for a coat, but later on they told me by a email that they

only have a slim size, so probably not suiteful for me, i feel so depressed, but my sister

swear to me if i loose pound for 10 kilograms, she will send me one piece of good

dress, which is high quality and high price, i have been wasting all my time exercing

and not to eat too much, i become a little slim for lose 4 or 5 kilos, but soon the weight

comes back again, i was so upset, i even took bythree pants to get changed for my size,

it cost 400 dollars and more, such a bad luck!
i found out that all the most fashionable matters are put into computer science editing,

so i go to a pc school pay the bill and learn from the very begining, i learn software of

inDesign, photoshop and illustrator, and i try to edit ebook for a poet, whose opinion

is similar to me, i want to make a ebook for him to celebrate the same idea and share

to other people in the internet, i find it is more than fashion can be, because poem is

always a fashion, if you filled with love, it will sing for your dream. 

Contemporary fashion brand trend advertising web analytics

Now in Taiwan clothing trend of network took cheap of most to more colorful of copies

mainly, and continent of advertising also not fell people How, just Taiwan buy not to

just, can work clothing design of comments on identification and reference, according

tomy observation of conclusions, network advertising attract people going to

Department store, how your wearing of models are temperament , if alone empty

frame clothes of exhibition, is lost looks of attraction, in addition to winter warm and

beautiful balance of selling point, animation of advertising length also make hearts up

purchase of desire, just waiting multi-production.

And many people will hit shirt, had a copy people of feeling, on female, is a taboo, and

neutral clothing meet leisure comfortable of features, may its brand is ended up

evaluation of happens too,  i myself had buy a NET movement coat, it was a copy, and

became devaluation of results, in addition, this autumn of onion type wearing law, also

has declined, because within layer package clip mesh silk, mass of anti-rain

windbreaker, comparison to adaptation play cat and mouse of climate, makes it indoor

and outside of thermostat clothing, into a most light Jane of wearing law And thank

God Hat pull string, makes him more like Queen Victoria with high collar, has a keep

warm function.

I personal wearing preferences is mixed type, and take Junichi color wearing, tie belt

shoes hat, accessories, became a warm color of dressing up, very low-key, and has

overall sense, I love those brand nothing more than Net,Hangten, Geodano, Wanco,

etc, in home near investment open shop of clothing brand, while discount of

opportunities snapped up, regardless of seasons, I think keep physical and mental

health, summer can row thiner, winter can be warm, is the best of clothes designers of

ingenuity and application.

Regardless of men and women, fashion was this year of second, rarely see superior of

fashion dress, appeared in public occasions, I by purchase of points long pendulum

underwear, and famous brand underwears, it is because grass between along health of

design sense and purchase of wearing up not so exposed, it has inner of fashion sense,

in addition, cross line of clothes, is this year Dragon of best popular clothing ranks one

of without advertising on was purchase collection, I think following trend has a

common people collection and of shares, easy perception popularity of circulation,

Also makes us go in road obtained identity of protection color, so I think cheap

clothing is civilians doctrine of representative, easy-going, refreshing, and cheerful of

style, is Taiwan people of wearing portrayal, like LATIV,UNI-QULO, although very

sought-after, but due to many Hand of clothing of brand shop of small all makes more

oligo, some superior of wearing inevitably high eyebrows, but Hilight is a strange

dress up, just contract will and important occasions wearing take so most pendulum in

wardrobe in maintenance, And not one may wish that cheap clothing can repeatedly

cleaning, keep fragrance and clean, wears well be re-sistance washed, so there are pros

and cons,

where purchase who should consider how to buy clothes of conditions in hands, like the

religious uniforms, to dark blue and black mainly, one should be good to buy one or

two set, like I don't Share beautiful of PIN, to defined its precious of practice value,

especially attended sing questions will occasions of when, wearing on became so

important, more not like the dress on stars singer of luxury clothing, this is poles of of

luxury world, as its low-key luxury,

 Other  is high profile luxury, but former can repeatedayly wearing, and which of loss

rate only once, very wasted, its advertising only appeared in fluorescence curtain, not

put in reality life in the store, so no ordinary value of noble clothes do not just make

investment, only selection for themselves to wearing is smart of life, as cheap clothing

of appeared, and people for putting on of trend also due to cheap clothing spacious and

has elastic, easy mixed, not too build, also has large and small of free select, It's not for

single personal tailored manufacturing, so universal of popular trend is obvious, I

know Hong Kong and United States also popular cheap clothing,like Polo,Baleno,Levis,

are is very popular CASUALWEAR,

I like observation others wearing, but not to follow, because people only wearing out

themselves of favorite color, is showing totally beautiful on the road, period and

everyone share of. professional designers of horizons, and tailored making

isexpensive, see United States battle fashion stretch Taiwan program , it has many

creative ideas can be absorption, tell good of design and bad of design in differences,

due to designers watch customer of identity and do clothing design, specialized for

celebrity your woman design long has inevitably also numb, see not out the home

wearing of differences, it has confuse of sense,

see United States TV series < desire city >, again playing electric playing fashion city of

when, creative will never ends, wearing take of art from one well-known column writer

of appearance seems like, know she is advocate vanity and lack inner thought of

fashion style, I think this not housewife of wearing, is also let us see Showbiz on a

actor of clothing preparatory, so made our mind, spen various brand of dress up to

improve ratings, reached variety around commodity as magazine special issue

describes and CD trafficking of success, is a avant-garde of tries too, in Taiwan has

cheap products department store sells this province homemade of brand, it is not easily

sold, because also some clothing is cycle launched of sold out, who buyprobably will on

the same of fate,

in Taiwan TV series in fashion ads play clothing are is tacky, No brand of imported

products, had a vulgar of feeling, visible Taiwan of homemade commodity enough has

persuasive, young generation of communities not too audition, now popular of

sportswear, as Taiwan movement island of promotion, presumably and will has

doubled cheap clothing of design, as to textile processing manufacturing of future, we

should towards cheap clothing part, which is mixed takes basement, is a free of wearing

law. (End)

Above is I comments today clothing manufacturers of advertising means and practice,

I am in virtual field and a copies writer acute design and thin air imagine of design

draft, for each a up "fashion city" community game of looked tailored set for both men

and female, are young, also has teachers, artist, punk, tide men, fashionable female,

singer, dancers,, tourist, I managed to change them for old fashion style, created out

tassel clothing, farmer pants, lantern clothing, Cape, gentleman CAP, and the knee

robe, million changed jeans, and so on,

But they advocate of self styling, it is put Office workers wearing of coat and tight jeans

, threw in ground, only like the trendy Beach waterproof pants, not lining small dress,

belt, with accessories of dress up is according to preferences of them. I for themselves

of revenues do has a book, and with credit card of way to implementation looked of

consumption automatically recorded, I also wear for the sister of hard share, I not hope

she a a person busy that can not came, so only open a network shop, created subsidiary

sister sell brand of products, I want them-selves wear style very simplified, streamlined,
I began actually design clothes into tailors machine, then put aside beautiful of wrinkle

fold and butterfly knot reset into transparent pink bridesmaid dress of samples, this is

why I received first copies hand system work, in addition also there are two pieces

India sha-Li, I also hope to put adult  with colorful folds silk towel for Barbie doll

design of all kinds of package body loaded, into actual of operation, production out of

a cloth forming of very Jane way, however suit is extremely fun of.

I with India sha-Li cloth made a pieces no buckle of loose shawl clothing, to sleeves as

knotted of tie, and it can transform wearing law, anti-wearing, or from empty sleeve in

the shuttle out detailed of arms too, and two sleeve became embellishment, this is

following I first do a seamless sample of clothing$ of masterpiece, it is done without

sewing of clothes, natural fur, natural compositing, now it has many dew back or dew

chest of fluffy dress due to it should be such of principle made of, with brain to wanted

to, then put introduced of design, it Is a having of painting system clothing Board of

brighfly skills, both noble and beautiful.

in addition I also has a pink cloth, for doing even body of pregnant women clothing, or

night dress, but chest Department has a little difficult time, it had to made front has

zipper of forms, put female beauty development to a moist of fit degree, my brand is

"ladies era", is different from sister of clothing big style. (END)

Era of luxury fashion group

my father is a fell run of fashion Group President, left a ass debt to me and I must to 

design with my sister, she design while I go show, we again establishment brand called

"luxury era", due to work delicate, cannot copy, so each a pieces is sky-high, also is was

audition, reluctantly maintained ourselves of livelihoods. one day, father saw our

career have so excellent, wanted to put family business to us sisters two, I refused to

rescive, he on appeared about me to open the stage, asked me how go show of skills, i

told him, This is we family of genetic, cannot errors or humiliated, like is a article JoJo

necklace, will be around temperament, only i will nod, he listens on know I am a

Emilio jade, worth carved, so I and sister in body hit has money, even he liabilities,

also to earned back, I not promised, so on while for clothes of when slip away.

Actually, I didn't want to do for family a model, I only go myelves sexy on the  road,

trying to marketing sister hard design of more levels clothing, I every time am

carefully trying wearing, until she get satisfaction, I please she because she is one of

my clothing partnership, we since small age on didn't has mother, we are insurance

mother with us grew up of, sister love to paint, is is favorite dressed beautiful of

clothing, a lively of underground rock lead singer, I ask she designed from leading

singer of work, because I am not willing to singles alone for bucket, earned us for

living, So I do my best to help her, we now live in a rented Studio, a life in house

building in New York, hard work, discuss the content and the prospect of avant-garde

fashion, we know each other's arm, will never part.

i have once go to show stage, she design for me treatment loaded, of special watches of

table refining off, she remains look of will of buckle Shang, really order I admire, I

wearing two layer of clothing ornaments, inside is oblique shoulder of short dress,

outside is is long and the knee of exquisite coat, I am carefully wearing it, take deep

afraid of broke this pieces unique of clothing, because of this but without desire of Ah!

I play show out on this clothes of superior characteristics, open coat exposed inside of

delicate dress, then as if nothing had happened of wearing coat, this but all hell! I had

to pretend like lightful, it's not simple!I like my sisters views, like is wearing clothes of

details, design belonging to middle class of clothes, set group, or alone show of

clothing, it should be an attention to do small things,

I favorite and she share, such as she design by thought, i meet various try to wearing of

conditions, turn to make buying who is satisfaction, I am happy that she praise me,

said I am her small helper, help she in inspiration further, I am also so happy, my only

sister can appreciation me, I gradually like to share this line, are because mom of

beautiful genetic heritage, I have Opera skin and shapely body, plus I don't eat too

much, and all sizes of clothes to wear, do not need modification, you can fit, clothes

shelves without compromise, and I was being praised like this, very happy inside.

According to fashion newspaper of remake, I jumped for Shang has fashion stage of

ten name of supermodel, Jane is in happy but has to worry, because too much famous,

out of wearing ink remember, wearing masks, is not comfortable, I never separate out,

always followed sister together, go out buy things or see plays, or we have the same

likes and dislikes, just because liabilities of father down, we victims have no people

pursuit, but such love is world off down of bomb, it is also bad fun, I and sister enjoy

with family of dedication,

Study or research, I gradually learned to make hats headdress works, so they match in

the catwalk, sometimes United Kingdom fashion ladies going crazy for it, too!Again

days of my birthday comes, I have been 22 age years old, than I sister smaller by three

age, may all are smooth, our brand can kick off name, in fashion territories obtained

place, and earned more of investment commissions, I may paid off father's debt, then

fly to world around, as one globalization of supermodel, with sister traveled world of

famous stage, although she bit in background Department, but I hope wearing out her

delicate mind of gorgeous set, who said fashion not a virtues, courtesy of noble?

I think clothing is representative of my sister's style, beautiful sexy with a vaguely, with

men irresistible etiquette table faces, this fashion style is to understated luxury, but to

carefully find out that female tenderness with pride in the United States.I intends to

please a between cheap of processing shop do it for me and my sister of more ordinary

of design figure processing copy, sold and buy have up to the people, let them also

experience to "luxury era" of beauty in body of clothing and posted sense, I obtained

sisters agreed, so began investment, maybe also will put in network shop in trafficking,
I looks forward to do myselves the work strength to earned myselves of living, not

again relies on sister, maybe I also can open a between models training course,

in this fashion world in London, found myselves of position, Looking for a article

continued of success of road, also pull my sister, from behind to curtain , telling of

more teaches some female how select cloth and design good of clothes, and for

occasions of wearing law, I also will make her design concept wrote recommended to

fashion magazine, she is my worship and learning of object, I more should be good at

describes what she is, on such, we up to fashion of bridge, go in fashion of

sophisticated, finally crowd see us, with purse for us refueling, soon, we obtained has

hundreds of millions dollars of worth, Out of debt, more than enough!
I began to draws clothing design image by red of tassel cowboy underwear within

lining flowers levels, like of dew shoulder, thin lumbar, small dress and hair down, skin

of jacket, rattan belt, new tie India towel, all kinds of package law and the wearing of

Thailand sea assessed contributions, loaded gold foil package, small butterfly knot belt

tied in back of windbreaker high, with waterproof stockings even body Beach bikini,

yarn Navy CAP, and so on, this is my participate in fashion city electric game of made

wanted to of imprompt creative virtual of trafficking make, I popularity upswing lots

people to around me and sister of branch anyway, my trendy design Copy and traffic in

some sites, I have created success with a fixed customer base, so glad.

with romance

Love is full thanks and hope, looks forward to of which a I love of people is not waste

time of things, I know he of business and area is program prepared and Internet of

research, he is only moved I of heart of people, because love like is lasting of so long

time repeat of songs, and I believe, is love is is good of, even it just a dream but it will

continues to, until I from section in the woke up, I in a advertising company served as

copy, lecture in the he sat in I next to, I met has he, and asked I on some comments

and views, We exchange ideas in English, his dialogue so fluently so I can hardly


I and dream I and he double hold tumble in grassland Shang, he asked I such of stress

love I like did? I think seems two only cat in fight, soon live of battling, I woke up

zhihou ' forget can't he, seems experience has once real of erotic of degrees, I of heart

has been heard he of discourse said with is love I, he will with I of dream connected, I

such guesses, is found not to a answers, I see has Japanese cartoon, listen learn is

popular Japanese, and test he is can knows,. results he with I of subconscious also can

said Shang several sentence, is interesting I believe he is a linguistic genius, I very

much appreciate his level of knowledge.

Later, he with I came to he of bedroom, full white very Jane of style, I think he is

heroic, and will I of body upside down placed, I conjecture, he is in to I show he of

most private of site, said I has is he by finds of people children has, I very joy, also is

worries, why all like is new to had of samsara, I only just from he of tyranny hand in

escape out, again return it of arms, I fate has, this are is sansheng causes Suo

Mingding of, I must is was born for he and live of, I needed to do everything he can to

be happy, not only cannot grow old with, was halfway through his divorce, woman who

became a widow.

Not known why, he on I said "you was is belonging to I of", this a sentence evoke has I

of three world memory, I has is a between mansion of hostess, on because husband he

suspected son was born is I of lover, feelings too good, and large raw vinegar, then on

threat to put we mother two kicked out, I weeping uncontrollably, knelt with please he

not mess suspected, but temperament staunch of he, has been with envy meaning, also

said too pain children yihou not talent, I had to said this is we love of Crystal, so I only

special pain he, If someone I didn't hurt it! he it will quell the anger, but I don't have to

get away from the family.

this Life he and I not marriage not married, into has not letter marriage and in private

Department common operating love of pair soul, I have silly, is he along appease lie

have of, we had with mix of days, fairy a class rambles, always in world of corner tryst,

until love do has, I only returned to Temple, pray this copies feelings to often phase

snuggled, I go has a ring, returned to he of hands, this originally is love of truth, edge

of essence, I figured out has, only thought life single, to accompanied he of lovestruck,

I feel the feeling of life and understanding of the ever-increasing, moved into a baby,

newborn, continued fate of eternal lif.(end)

worshiping(a novel)

 he is a puppet of sanscript,the renasiance of his life has gone,he graduated from

university of wisdom,although he has been so sucess for a period of time,but he got

some info about criticizing politics,it made him become a no future loser,try to make

money in the house,just use a computer to do network sale business,he create buddha

misic for a while but not so good,study architecture but just not understand,after that

he get cancer,which he take it as a beautiful karma.
he try to serch for help,but all he know is the freedom of buddhism,he write it down as

below:zen is totaly heart and soul kindness,when we see the tv news report those

miserable accidents,we ask ourselves if we are just lucky or laugh at it,such kind of

mind is only happening by a glace of time,zen is timeless asking for knowledge,we just

live everyday to a tendency of kind root of buddhism,and it will never be cut down,also

the kindness of a person is made by stock,and it is possibly come from the self

nature,to born as a prson is very lucky,we can try to achieve buddhism by training it.

since i heard the importance of common sense buddhism in this society,i got a feeling

that i really open my wisadom,this kind of happiness seems like reading the method

and understand,i knee down in front of the buddha to confess,and i am saved.
when i was 20 years old before,i made a wish that i want to learn the zazen,but i use the

ego understanding of myself to explain by pen and writing,never knoww which is right

and what is wrong,i do everything all by myself,but my soul is murmuring,fly between

the dream and reality,the yin and yong twist on me,it made me become a shining face

while practically a believer of self preaching,untill now i get a ugly face,and i dare not

to describe detals about the content of zen,i can only read the name with a never

surrender heart,try to mantain forgiveness from my mistake i made ever before.
sometimes i will encourage myself to leave the paranoid kind of heart,use a kind mind

to see this society,or the whole world.i usually get up early and read sutra,and open the

buddhism tv show to spend the first time of a day,then i open the computer working at

home,writing smething like buddhism articles,i busy all around my publish sdudio,or

read those promoying books.the air in the morning is especilly fresh,itr makes me get

beter spirit,and healthy body.
because the free growing of buddhism inside our heart,we seldom wipe away the dust

and it become shuflein,so i understand that i should work hard on the study,and self-

concidering,for example,,if we wont try hard on the road of fixation buddhism,or we

wont concentrate on it,we will lose the good looking of our face,this is so -called the

falling of selfness.we should keep the clean mind with whole heart,and then we will get

simple belief,and the fortune will come without asking or worshiping,such as getting a

treasure ball without pray,and hold it on the hand.the fixation of buddhism can never

be too suspecious,he must behave as the law,and stop the 10 badness,do as a pipul of

buddha overwhalmingly, never doing wrong to betray his wish.respect the three

treasures of buddhism, they are buhhda,law,and monk,it is a basic attitude,if we do it

we will get special fortune. 
the fame and adventage is all my past,no one care about me now,i sitting slone in front

of the pc and take soho case,at least i can survive,with some saving money on my

account,i can live all by myself without other's help,but lonely makes me tell the

difficulty and secret to the buddha,and spend each and every day.we can only get belief

and then the place of living safety will come to you,zen teach us that people have no

different or level,thsy all have the root of buddhism,whether we can enspired is depend

on our one mind,we cant serch from outside so we looking forward to the self to get

the answer.all kind of religion is doing good for people,they teach people to take the

dharma into the body and soul,to become a good person of doing what he says.
the fame and adventage is all my past,no one care about me now,i sitting slone in front

of the pc and take soho case,at least i can survive,with some saving money on my

account,i can live all by myself without other's help,but lonely makes me tell the

difficulty and secret to the buddha,and spend each and every day.we can only get belief

and then the place of living safety will come to you,zen teach us that people have no

different or level,thsy all have the root of buddhism,whether we can enspired is depend

on our one mind,we cant serch from outside so we looking forward to the self to get

the answer.all kind of religion is doing good for people,they teach people to take the

dharma into the body and soul,to become a good person of doing what he says.
the freedom of buddhism is fellow equality,never tell rich from poor,people follow the

buddha then they can find the meaning of life,enter the sphere of the lonely only one

fixation,and express the seeds and fire of buddhism in the 12 kind of effects.learning

buddhism is a never ending schalorship,we cant pretend to know it,therefore slow

down the smart mind and stop practicing,if we get the freedom of buddhism in

standard,we can live and breathe with the whole world.
because he cant make a lot of money,so he take a night shift to be a private tutor,read

the textbook everyday,write down lectures,and the main point on the professional

books,he is totally in to this job,each time he teach,he can get a few thousand dollars.in

his mind every students are all seeds,they will express the seed of becoming smart tree

of wisdom,he adapt concern and realize to educate them,make them in the future the

best successful person with endless potencial.as he goes to the house of different

students,due to his belief in buddhism,sometimes he will tell something about the

thoughts of buddhism,and open the door for them the lighting and shining intellecture

blow out.  
he ever learn the class of photoshop,so he receive some case of ad design,for the

transfer of adobe in chinese is different,he can only use english version,add with the

effect and function of flash,he fly into the time and space in the network,so many

creational insperation bomb out,and he get the hired job very smoothly,so the boss bill

him the money.although he never dress like a monk,but he is becoming a kind

buddhasattiva in this society,some times he help people who are weak and suffer,he

does good deeds.he try every interest for example, make bread by machine,make

icecream for student,cook by the procedure of cook book,he will eat all no matter they

like it or not.
since he want to learn sanskipt this language,his mind just wont follow himself,it is

like a kind of some talking in the head,this trobles him,but even so he still love such a

mysterious language,because its opigionality,he can get to know the true meaning and

verture about the classic sutra in detail,such as the king of medicine surea,the sutra of

king kon,the heart sutra,the sutra of amit buddha,and the rest of all sayings of the holy

buddha shakamuni,without any leading and teaching,he understand those words by his

own realization,and it result him as a puppet of sanscript,just like the wonderful monk

who interpritw many sutras,he cant get away of reading sutra everyday,and busy

between job and belief.
he has a girlfriend who recently goes to blind date with those who ask to share a cup of

coffee,and she interview with them just to sent her books with signiture,and chat about

their love experience.she type a rule,to give those who are ganna become her fans a

notice that she is no easy to date with people who has no any idealism,and she also

encourage them to persuit true love,this condition make men crazy,they would not like

to pay for a cup of coffee for her,some says thanks but not really wanna go to date with

her,he listen to her confess and think it is stupid for her to kill time,and only people

without job will go to her date starbuck.
his cancer is happened in the throat,he has told his girlfriend but she wont worry about

it,actrually she want to find some other whoever have a villa and rich than him,it is only

a dream but she really goes to those dating party to find a lover and bride which makes

him very sad,so he decide to go around some activities in the cultural express,to left

the lonely and hurting away from this moment,and also he need to change a job,he

always love diversity of jobs and try to make any fresh interest in his experience,he is a

player of life,but with a belief of buddhism he is not influenced by any critized

words,or take the despise of others,he live an attitude of handsome,he find a free way to

forget illness and pain,just try to spend the rest of the happy days in the 40 age,he is

not afriad of dieing in the air.
he buys a tida car,touring in the city,at the same time he carry self-made cookies,he put

them in the backery store for sale,no matter far or near he will drive from mountain to

the sae,only if there are booking or telephone reservation,not only so, his network

auction business start once again,and he is no longer the room boy others used to

judge him,he used to daring the cusin in the net but starving all the time,he is too lazy

to go out the door and buy some meal,now everything has changed,he already ahelf

boss,and a helf salesman.
one day he pass by a book store and saw the cooking book advertisement,he enter the

pages and decide to buy one without regret,he plan to study the vagetarian cook dishes

for himself,so to reduce the risk of cancer.he used to be a business son take over his

father's property left to him since his father is dead,because the goverment sue him

trobles him.so he give up the power of heritage,now he cant depend his father's

power,therefore he kneel down to make a living without any buget,as he has no any

partner to help him,he still fight with his own fate,wont be knock down by the reality.
he depend on the nobody website manage the salesment program of all goods,ask every

backery store and their workers,about the most popular food,and then he only sell the

pie desert,for his deep study on the making tips,he successfully be blessed by many

weman group,almost sale all out,untill the night shift it is out of source.so he take his

all saving money and set one bread factory,and swll the fresh goods in the chain store

of drink,or call-out sending.
he need a lot of fresh butter,and must be combined with the flavor of pie,he collect

some from the shopping mall which are import by european businessman,at last he

pick out the blue star brand,buy a big package of it,and keep the pie producing never

lack.his choklete mint pie is better saled than tilamiso cake,the big market get a pretty

wondeful luck,since ever he is not satisfized,and develope all kinds of fruit pie,and he

gose far to the other country to serch for the right flavor of cream,espially the

thousands folding pie,become the second billborad site,he is more than happy,so for no

longer wait ,he made ice cream cookies climb into good sale result,for the tenderness

and cripy texture,evry age people like it a lot.
at that successful time,he told her that stop missing him,he is rude to her love,and

refuse to give,ao after he manage a backery,she never give a damn to him and his

career,she does not want to save his illness though he has told her his situation,he think

even her knows wont help any better,just say goodbye to each other,even though they

both know what they are doing and secret after seperation,she want a man with deep

thought and big family,now he is no longer fit this appeal,so he just keep her safety

with wishing heart,wish her find a better man,receive a dimond ring that never be

break,and finally get a respecting home and standard as normal weman hope,and he

will be very happy to gone in dust.
he is nerveous about if the trouble of family property will come back again,so he plan

to change a name,and dress like an old man,nobody will know how he suffer to be

success once again,by his own effert he goes to the highest cooking class,and learn

many tips of make fresh new brand of bread or cake,he know that some power may try

to kill him or make him leave his mother country,so he write diary of his fake life,and

for sure he can escape from those fighting undergo.
he find a shelter in church,where he listen about how to make a family worshping,but

he is the only one left in his family,all by himself,he swear to become a poet of love,in

this project he try to study and read a lot poetry books,theory and poem album,from

that time on,he is a passionate soul in front of god,he pray every day and night,pray

often makes him feel wellcome in the world of evil,he make friends with every one,and

this is where he feel safe and peace,so many goodhearted person come to ask him if he

live a good life,it is so warm and sweet,he practice to pray from learning the preach

guide,and content.
he has an attitude on poetry writing,that appears in his theory about creation,if poem

does not include the fighting will on this society,then it is like waste garbage,can not

make responsibility on its function.espatially when he forget the point mainly occur in

the standard of a reality faith,that is to judge right from wrong,and criticizein each

poem with style of realism,if not,he must be going crazy by the curse of muse,which is

his sourse of insperation.
when he driving and carry goods on the road,he often pass some beggers by,they stay

or lying on the street which makes he feel sad,so he give one half ten food to them,for

their starving and thirsty,this is a tale which is told by an old man from bible,after he

read the sentece,he learn how to give.as he observ from those beggers,he find out that

the poors are retired from labors and disables,or some criminals from jail,so he make a

wish to take care of them,so most of them are taken to the job training place,and good

living care,because his good doing his extra girlfriend come back to him,and trying to

find out the reason of the evil.
since he did charity to those beggers,he get cured about throat cancer,it just

disappeared from the neck,so he keep the faith to be kind to the disables,his girlfriend

believe in christrain,she always tell the saint sentance to him.she join a big meeting of

lectures,the magic is that her mind stay purely and without evil thought,which is her

fault to influence his mind,she wish to be with him,then they get married in a church

where outside is dark while inside is white light.
he does a little pray,for going to the community library to sarch bread recipe,and as he

pray he sit beside his girlfriend,he ask if she want to take a while quietness,she says

why not,as she tell him this answer,her eyes are watching at a beautiful youth,her long

hair and leg make her jealous,but he thought that his girlfriend is a little tendecy of

lesbin favor,gash,what a jok of such kind of guess,girls always compare to each

other,and their eyes are turning red as their boy are being noticed,thats why she looks

at her like badly daring,so he tell her its time to go,then they go out like a snake's

leading,through the dark road near the church,and reach the public place where some

people read,study or write.
he felt like so frustrate because one insurance salesman call him,tell him that it is too

late to pay for cancer,they must make deal before he been found ill in the clinic, but he

try to skip the report,use the very lasting time doing what he wishes to waste time

on,contributing in the field he want to challenge,that limit time push him to get soon

success come to him,but now he hide the ill from girlfriend,and sign a contract of

death and under her name,that even his family dont know it at all.after he listen to

some disk lecture,which courage him to look to a better way,he never feel sad or regrate

cause now he is all let go his pain and trouble,he find a silent empty place,under the

tree he close his eyes and pray for a awakening moment to show,that's his only hope,to

be a translater of sanscript for temple,so he find a teacher of foreigner,who teach him

how to be convience on this language,finally he live more five years for this wish come

true to bring him long life,and even stay away all the inner pain and tireness,he

become a puppet. 
he become weak and fragil,once he get any pressure,he will be crush down,so he serch

from the website and find famous master omaga,his book teaches how to fix the photo

better,so he learn to be a good adver in his bakery business,and his girlfriend take care

of him all the time,because she learn some handy made goods,so that they can stay in

the workshop for long,it is called love the happiness in disfaction,at least he can enjoy

the travel of creation in the mind,and she is his best company,anyway untill the day he

have to be rescued by hospital,he choose not to put tube in the nose and gone,this is

his last will he told her and family.
he dreamed about he was kissing with one girl who he know in collage time,but he

wake up with a piece of wonder,he was being fooled by the lip when she turn away her

face,he ask her why she stop that action,she just answer that she want to be kissed by

him but not kiss him actively,but the short beard really give her satisfaction, as she has

ever guessed before,that kind of mankind mature and connection makes she very

happy,so she say to him "thank you",and maybe she will show up soon beside him one

day,he never experience such romance,now he start to know that love is to do what you

say and promice to the other.
then he is told he have to go through a sergery on throat,take the cancer tumer out of

the body,it shows that this illness is good effect,so he make a apply to live in the

hospital and receive a cure,his girlfriend bring his favorate food and the promise of

being together,but the new lover never come,so he forget about her kiss,cause when he

is in trobule she cant be his companionship,he feel the cheating in love and soon figur

out that she is not his true love,then he make a will about how he left things to all his

friend and family,also including his best girlfriend.
the sergury is to cut from the place under the lips,and it is a lot of pain to bear,he does

not die but the cancer will transfer into other portion of the body,after one year he is

announced that he get a lung cancer,it is a bitter news for him,sometimes he just want

to die straightly while the pain is moving on his body,he eat a lot of pills to stop the

pain and drink special milk to keep the cancer slow down,he make a wish that if

buddha let him safe survive,he will contribute all the business to poors.
he always stay at night to catch his little time doing some ideals he is searching

for,fighting for chance of life.while the pill is experience,he almost cant afford it,instead

of eating pills,electronic cure and special care,he persuite the religion way to ease the

pain and worry,he come out of hatred in mind,and send many virus to others

computer,indeed he dont wish his girlfriend die with him,but one day meet each other

in the paridise where the bible writtenabout people and animals peacefully living

together,this future he has seen from the picture on msn,so he simply believe that

legend,and he comfert himselve that maybe he is  the chosen one to get into the

paradise,with such belief he survive for 15 months.
after he died,his relatives put his picture on the buddha room,and beg for more from

his spirit on heaven,he is very angry and his forehead is hurt in the picture for a long

time,he finally gone without any care and no any property,but the only one who knows

him is his girlfriend,she burns many image things such as cell, car, house, shoes,

dress,money,ect,then he become a ghost waiting for next life,and then a monk hear his

calling,he soon sent his soul and body born in western country and a family is truely

happy to see his cute natality,his life is restart once again.(end)
(Mantra of golden rules) by pollywoo

In our lives, we have to ask what is best for us , watch out behaviour so that we can

arrive at peace, furthermore we must comply with such rituals to practice a good way of

improving, and that's the most important significance of existence and our future.

Reading is a part of life, you learned to read more, then you'll have more progress, in

fact, Po repent of the golden rule is that true love is difficult to find, without love, our

world will be in chaos.

I slept in the dark and a little glimmer of light flash back in the wall of the prison

room, I sang a song of the Bee Gees song "If you are looking for a heart of gold, you

are getting old", in this digital space of human nature, I feel the void but I still get

some self-expression of fun, however I never feel satisfied.there are many various of

Web page features, for example application computer of human, some people is with

phone connection love of relationship, remaining of people using network and Web

site to established marketing of right, and so on,

if we are not stayed consumption in Van Gogh online, we will will free by any buckle,

it should  be music and rise of desires, I preference again magic wire road writing

theory, all of this class race said micro-computer machine lovers, to last they will

became insensitive.It's easy to fall in love with the computer, they use the computer,

virtual, network, software and cell phones to create a mechanical relation with others,

they want to find true love, but in vain, only a few are dreams realized, while others

wait for a long time, rejected the object that, trying to pick a perfect pair for yourself.

Tour network of legend characters is busy recorded of, all of using computer or

connection media who are was called digital people, those bit computer company

workers is called technology doctrine, and any application software of people is called

Web page control, once they left this heating and cooling world, they will will are panic

syndrome and not know where to, or survival down, but I not this people,I of sister is a

natural, it is said she with CD free trying is to declared tax, like she some reduction

heavy of know-how,

as I through a Web page of certification examination, reduction heavy coach told I ten

a practice of notes, for example every day drink enough of water, select meals in the of

a meals as core meals, fat of people never eat after the evening, writing for this every

day recorded of thin body diary, buy a a little number of scales and sooner or later

scales heavy, at night only drink will satisfy my thirsty of water, avoid eating mixed

making food as flour food material, I took it very does what he's asked, and I reduced

weight after two weeks, I am very pleased.

Things in next week House became boring, today is Monday, I State many steps to

keep weight, but failed has, because I have no patience, and seems to no any impede

makes me relax of heart, I find law China by of Po repent, and moving some in study

in of hanging painting, but my psychological idea always stay in eat or not eat, this

make me so plagued, actually Once I sat at my computer, I just can't stop adjust the

rational mind, and wrote my comments on Facebook, I refused to use my phone, now

I'm here at the Taipei world feel a little bit tired, I want to get out all at once.

Today I alone live as people life, didn't want accompany around me, I entered mail

found a seal advertising letters, that is McDonald's in marketing of commercial flyer, I

am a little wanted to taste, see a copies ten dollars of fried potato article, so I reached

near Street of storefront, I really of got has special tomatoes sauce, this really cool, on

like is live show, you usually will surprised that themselves being a program as one

actor, I only wanted to said free trying eat isreally free, so I why will all of ceremony

volume Iraq fawning children to by deleting off, Maybe one day, I also had the

opportunity to use them.

I never were anyone by love, because I am an orphans, I pursuit in bank money-

laundering among of money, and I sojourn in hospital in the to enjoy every day

prepared good of meals, I not like spent any of money, if I find not to real parents, I

would rather had have like a ghost, what thing also not do only Greek Cypriot advice

will of assistance, I will Formosa go snapped and carrying with simple luggage, only to

spent time of living, I am a not knowing gold instrument rail of world lonely person, I

need mercy and care, but has who can told I how are does?

I buy a between House and no people can share, I as a person eat and bath, but only

important of all is family of love of light, this is such of man people wanted to earned

of beginning, I recognized I eat too much to address me of sad, but I still has myself of

feeling to select how going on the road, I began to ask all of passers-by please, from I

had to count on the hospital of country, they cannot meet me with questions, I have 

lost recalls of symptoms, that is why I am using love enjoy wrote diary of sake,

Although each a day for me is fresh of, but new of broken and pain is never stop, I

wants a only helping hand to save me, I hope love comes. actually, I was born as a

orphans, my mother give me a name called Tai Chi, but I do not like using it, this has

no history of life and must maintained until I breathing of last seconds, while I hate

themselves for identity of self frustrated, when I am in school, each students are

destined to go every day returning to sweet of family, I'm jealous of them but still

motivated that one day I will succeed must make them jealous, but now I lost the

psychological health and sad in this free life no one recognized me as a winner in life.

once the girl called moon come to visit me as i  have live domicile, she seems to has a

article red line with I led stumbles with, so I decided marriedwith her, her work is a

South Ascia Guide, she can said a fluent of Thailand words, but I only will said

Chinese and Taiwan language, I hope she love me, because we again in another space

is a pair of spouse, I wanted to in life in the insurance retain her, so I asked her phone

number, as to alternate.my dry sister describes this girl to me, she said she can see a

article red line led in two people's hand, they are better of friends, she also invited

moon to hospital see me, I love her at first sight, my heartbeat like one by one drums.

She is beautiful and has professional skills, she had done as my dry sister's leader

Guide, and they became sworn of handkerchief friends, cross this is what I do not

know, moon has 12 brother and sister to raised, when I robbery to help she of family,

follow my dry sister of recommendations on married her, I am sure that a woman is a

highly moral family offer.my dry sister is a nun, she brings to me a Taiwan notebook

computer requirements I repair it, I spent has points time on became decoding of

computer Messenger, and I search all sales in the of real estate, I found one House has

no any neighbors of crisis, so I proposed moon can put family moved to my domicile,

then I again buy another house between me and moon to live together , she promised

me willing to moved into it, but because as a guide of relationship she often out and

home.Each personal in this world is a block of Island, only communication can make

he not alone, I try with treats Moon as nice as i can and good governance.

I live in Linkou city buy a between House, the street over there is Board type, and I pay

deposit to won ahead of live in, I left each months 3,000 dollars of loan to Bank, again

other hand I am lucky to have a truck and good work to delivery goods, this is freight

career, I swear on her that I will pay my best to operating this paragraph relationship,

as long as she according to straight followed with me.I has a three word of faith, light,

heart, and love, I like a world of light surface, I knows people respectively like is day

and night, some good man only go success of road, and I also found my true love, it is

a sky in the of moon, in my heart, it can be appraisal for a good wife, I wants take care

of her and her family, I live in a pay and sense of lifestyle in the, this make I strong

and proud.

when I cry like a falls, but now I understanding that you must first love others then

others only will love you, love is pay, to dedication, honest, so I finally found in love of

falicity road, I believe my dry sister will put promises and achievement, help me with

Moon married, and wish me maintain forever of love, I am willing every day to say to

her that I love you, now I has a good work and good wife, we will have happy and health

kids, now she is the best one I do had, God bless me, Church, Thank you, God. (End)

A person, whose love was true(dear rose continuing plots)

1 titles: falling in love with a guy like raining man

a  man does not let you go out on praying for rain, tied up all your freedom and sunny

days air, when he cross the temper, you have to make clearly that he flows with rain

drops of heart, because you do not understand his ideas, his jealous heart is strongly,

because confession let go past and your love used to be young, his hurt arms of drips

with precious of Teardrop, so you go on forgive that he treats you like secret lover as of

confidential faith, because romance cannot see the Sun, so you gradually feel like to

continue the love of pains, as before he put you holding in palm, Now he's become a

mature man of authority, protect his privacy, you're suffering and helpless, why not go

to him and talk out, you want to be his sunny doll, instead of an angry spouse of the

rain gods, let you get back to the original sweetness initially, it should be a successful

celebration of the joy.

2 titles: what even fell, only you can give yourself the opportunity to stand up!

In love the fell does not matter, important of is you whether has continued to love with

courage to let yourselve found happiness, to refused the loving of produced offensive,

do not considere lover of scam as obstacles, just to to break their lies and love of fancy,

so comon, any male sexuality before you is the most better of, no scar, no setbacks,

only the striive from failure in the exercise out of smart and mature, if you only live in

memories, returned to initially time then you will know how to be ready any time, only

has can see clearly each lovers  humanity, To live out the serious and honest love, get

what you want, do not be passive, take the initiative role to pay and caring for each

other, remember, love is not a ticking time bomb, to be careful with, every day there

are changes in relationships, to be filled with the joy of living, so don't blame the ever-

changing gender relations.

3 titles: get rid of the tears of sorrow once again get ready to set off

while due to having no correct ideas, put themselves of Fame gains and losses thought

heavy, also because from facebook you get no resound only Boo sound and swear to

exit literary, this is how unfortunately of things Ah! many people have stand out to

comfort you, incentive you, they are nobody, and you can fail to became acquainted

with, still they are full positive encourages of energy, will you in the save out they push

you from emotions of ravine , to remember, tears is forward of power, after lost tears

you also have unlimited hopes, do not easily on put themselves and let ideal exile off,

This community also has many opportunities waiting for you, do not be favored by no

one then give up, you want to be a author of the character model, will be respected, and

even if someone called you on the phone free style, and don't think of this as  a sad

thing, plasticity because it gives you big and full of potential, you should regain

confidence, up from failure.

4 titles: used to sacrifice and dedication to be willing

Wonderful is two love already wet, because it has emotional so to dedication, this is

spirit and not just material ofvow, if he had ungraduated from University for love and

you also get pregnancy , he will not only even get Dr. degree now, just do low-order of

work for family, no ideal ambitions of future, who will willing to be, so memories

always become sentimental, if at that time you had has not shut even, now also not

again met, then again fell romance of network, then, the  era long of adolescent, withot

too more complex ideas, just want to find a person to love, I can't believe after all these

years, both single and thought the final life is indeed very sudden, our secret reasons

that nobody talks ae firstly to recognize love, so there's still hesitating, visibility in

shame to hide love in middle age, we became two seeds of missing age, no way to

germinate and grow, but I regret nothing waiting for you.

5 titles: even though, we finally know how to love

ever Loved and how come, also no one is not empty, between us we are in distance of

intersect, so sad of the distance, barrier with us is reality of consider, is future, is both

of relatives that may against us be together, although our love have alive, finally knows

that spring silkworm is going to died by silk part is made of imbroglio, but once we

knows love of essence, is to achieve, but not to escape, no real heart-to-heart, how can

we know each other what cherish is? so even we understand how to love, but is again

also cannot make sure on each other and cashes the love of affection and responsibility,

Because they are too afraid to show wicknesscomings, future of fear and disadvantages

resulting incomplete, so there's no holding hands together to act in the future, this has

always been my heart tears cause regret that because of lack of love, even if you know

that, also remains a lonely one, leaving only the original young Memorial, turning

over in a missing emotion.

6 titles: Scarlett loved and missed in life

Although we torn, lie the believing, while each other also is each other's attachment

with affactions of love, regardless of how the life will tied us with entanglement of rope

even in together, we also rely to each other's dependency, shaped same only common as

a paper heart of life-life bird, each other pity, loved, guardian, will each kind love in the

pain, struggled, lonely, or drowsy, are throwing in aside, for a pair of soulmate phase of

couples, to died not in Discovery Park, our vows will be vowed, because of missed it

has only to get more treasure this copies love, more efforts in operating both of the 

relationship, We're invisible wings, flying in the sky in the presence of each other, in

the name of freedom, fight for love worked tirelessly, will not be bound by each other

or lose themselves, there would be no quarrel lost the confidence continue to love, the

experience make us become stronger, more persistent and more in love.

7 titles: once in the name of love hurts with the injured person

Had you ever used rhetoric to understanding my temper, know I eat soft not eat hard,

and you simply admits those lies, such kind of freedom of name hurt our love and

relationship, I does not thought meaningful, because I know goodwill of lies are to

appease me, not to be stimulated, those and I as were softening hurt of love people, all

should learn with forgiving each other, because honesty is the most difficult thing to

do, and you apologized after thing has happened, I also satisfact with it, let us in sweet

of lies within the Exchange, immersed, learning softening each other's bad temper,

Rather than tit and potentially volatile broke up, then why do we open your eyes to love

it? why don't us blind looks like Adam and Eve, maintaining peaceful relations, but 

what help us that love? i expected by all of my scars are made up, wounds are healing,

and we're still loving treatment.

8 titles: to love a mental exit

Writing is my only way to tell you, you know Zen passed away at night make me cant

listen to your whispers by ears, because you are sleeping! your gentle is winter night of

warmth, near my stomach, heart release of export is necessary, see movie, reading, see

TV, walking, movement, listen music, best is each other request songs to increase

erotics, you had said ' wash Bowl is helping me bath', this love word is good moving,

when we are in emotions tight need to release, I cry tears, you is vent, please you listen

poet's love sentence, Tenderness of suppressed let me live your rage restricted area, not

with lion block of dignity to scare me, deter me, make me groan in your right edge,

became a staying slaughter of lamb, let me full on you admits that I am not a person

intending to play psychological games, just I wants early step out understanding your

mood, dike you before me comes tumbling collapse the bad emotions.

9 titles: write a prescription for healing the scars inside

Face love of treatment Division, the only thing you can do is to put all of problematic

diseases and everything, let he diagnosis and treatment roots for you, healing all your

symptoms also root, , he who gives prescription suddenly on effective is good doctor, a

deep know this road who, so can cure you with similarly heart to remedy, love is a book

that guide and taught people how to stress pressure of disease, it both cannot from

within also cannot from outside to understand, but two love seeds of mixed get along

by caused of results, so try to heal for love diagnose is only to check collection on

horoscopes, I have believed constellation analysis, And technology fortune tellers, but

they are no longer accurate because I hit there always seems to be shadow star, to stop

my love, this is known as the doomed, so I am pleased to know our fate, the relations

between the sexes is very tasty, in a casual manner through every stage of life, in fact,

religions are converted to the Lovelorn, you will be treated generously and inclusively.

10 titles: a thought-provoking wisdom and answers, you can save your sadness

Samaritan is a thought-provoking of idiom, as violence come to you, others helping

occurred role, to save you to escape out of crisis, if you had save others from love

disputes and pay predefined line, must not was God unfavourably, and are positive of

energy, and are blessing, even only an eye of fate good , love at first sight also will

make you fell in love, most afraid of all is when bad love consultant, will let people

apart, such themselves also will not have good marriage, I have this fruit reported, so

advise you do to caution line, Saving love in a difficulty and depressing, it's like to take

a red line, planting blessings is the greatest Act of righteousness on Earth, save as

building a seven-Buddha of the dressed carcass, and harmful advice will fall into hell,

so mind and courage would combine both, as one possess healing function.

11 titles: listen to each other, I believe that love will come back

Love eventually will be back, just you do not want it, treasure of what you have, do not

hate each other as you lost love, scold each other, this is no accomplishment, even was

bully, each other's next life also will become retribution, so swallow of complains with

reasonable of exhortations to resolve conflict, listened to each other's heart, love only

will recovery, and has a perfect result, if he love you, he will be back to find you, will

come to save you, if not as such, its not really love, but dew Mandarin Duck of playing

Bale, if you even want such kind of bad peach flower, It'll incur an unfortunate fate,

this is why all normal parents don't want their children to be bitterous, you would do

well to listen to Mom and Dad's advice, not to make life decisions by your own, for

both parents and relatives fate once conect the junction, cant easily just stay on the

loose, might be well maintained, good, kindness, love will come back.

12 titles: prior concern love, don't mess with a car accident

Out wayward conceit, while on indoor love me tender, this is because he investigation

detective has countless times on me, about my really feelings to him, take the attitude,

I know he put some debt troubles and told me honestly, and I also wanted to wipe away

for the trouble he has, is to made many speculation investment of views, it is

dangerous, thats okay he didn't to practice it, otherwise consequences contemplate, this

told me an important thing, double-face men of heart is difficult to uniform, or tame,

but after subduing his mind, do not dig his warehouse sore, by such way it must can

often insurance feelings intimate, Interactive well, finally I decided to let him down to

Earth, living in the moment, not to get speculative money and then cursed by God,

which is often happened, most practical and most intelligent men is handsome,

whether he is growing fat or tell some love of silly, I followed all the way to support,

keeping him from the trouble.

13 titles: strong man competition in evil world needed a woman's love and tenderness

Not afraid of paying true love and commitment, because trust make man in love and

career more courageously strong, woman giving of goodwill advised is the growth of

man's power, see with each other are more mature and successful, is perfect of gender

growth and mutual department of road, only lovers never gave up of each other and

understanding, each other incentive, feelings will last long, he told me if one day we

end this relationship and romance, please do not be too sad, this sentence words let me

sad and angry, because I pay for him with tolerance, listen to his restrict, in Results he

does not believe in eternity love untill getting old, I am so angry on him, all I want is

regardless in any corner we are like connection of heart never separate, I want to has

his gentle tenderness, even he as male dignity and on the outside put authority of

manners, as long as he stay with me gentle and good, I want to inclusive his double

characters, and all of likes and dislikes, not lightly statements of broke up, so with

tenderness i melting his bad temper.

14 titiles:good verbal communication are the guarantee of love extension of shelf life

Meek of communication way can resolve limb conflict, if he priorly said his life taboo,

woman never simply straight out breaking, such tenure his success of career site, and

returned to you around only will think you are in guardian of his future, do not

destruct each other;s tacit, occasionally each other paid up is promotion feelings of

secret, because he may very desire some things or stance, to test your loyalty degrees to

him, female never ask male by demand, sometimes independence self will let he love

you more, he ask you of any requirements if are from real love, You on comply with his

rules, otherwise by punishment when feelings rupture, also there is some one who

needs to firstly bow apologized, to continued sweet of love, best is understanding

constellation of password, can observation out how much charish he has put on you,

more attention, more cherished, woman can be treasured is a virtues of certainty, in

love among the climax or low tide of ups and downs, try with understanding Catholic

is best of rely on conditions.

15 titles: do not fight in order to different values or showdown

Different of belief has changeable fun, not only increased smart exchange of mood,

also can make each other feel the differences and identical of department, more is

mining more is interesting, love of belief at last is to compromise fit, so do not care

process of hardship, also to remember sweet of moments, do for heart of memorial,

this is fidelity to keep live of defense, not often feel upset to each other's differences

and unhappy or sullen, because love is to find fresh things, share common values,

made on each other are useful of recommendations, and boldly to pay action of proved,

if you blame west or east, may not forever find really love, commitment is a basic of

negotiations, to keep on love with each other must to comply with, even there are

different values, after specially language of persuaded also can achievements goodness,

for example, common of investment and consensus, need to like advance in operating

marriage as trying to, treats lover not churlish or petty, but to be his wise consultant.

16 titles: anything but his habit of lying, I can accept

He habits bragging, just made large vows and didn't practice, the only staff, is yesterday

to sending 1000 dollars, I find so strange that he know my account, maybe in the past

those Bank Commissioner of phone marketing, are out of his finding to investigate

my economic investment and on the lines of asking, I all didn't be temptated, I don't

care money of amount, is to save income not just spent, regularly deposits cumulative

wealth, all he commitments for me doing things I am still waiting, I hope he is not just

lip service, because I do with trust to maintained our love, I sometimes on purpose

deliberately put his story into a novel, so that i can forget his lie and don't talk to him

about it, I listened to him concocting wouldn't argue at all, because I prefer seek

obedience to ease tempers wuth age, don't like to disagree, and hurt our feelings.

17 titles: he know me very well, as have mutual affinity

He privately recorded our memorial matters, just like past life as recordeding my life

of deeds and habits, refused to left any staff of mine, in this world found only one lover

who knows each other and cherish it is not easy to do, for woman, deeply beloved is the

most better and happy, when sick he is a distressed man for you, and managed to

address sad of mood for you, is a intimacy of moves, accompany with you to go see

outpatient, accompany with you day by day nourishes the body, his sincerity must has

impressed and made you vulnerable of heart, he very wants know through noted that

all of my past in details, Every time he asks me like a detective, if I tell the truth, he

will be very joyful, because my frank is what he wants, he unwilling to see me change

the original self, to me for he save his character by love of trait, to be honest, without

his remind, I will be a stranger that he didn't want to be aware of or mining secret, I do

not let him stay I ruthless, so deliberately remain self of nature and first heart.

18 titles :accepted the man's hobbies and everything

Understanding his psychological ideas is important of thing, for example he hope me

be good and concentrate on quietly waiting for him every day of his commute, and

habits this law, obedience him and be thoughtful for his busy, he likes and interest, as

vocational rod and movie, and a one innocence heart, are to be accepted and talk inside

words occasionally with him, is promotion dating and interactive of lubricant, for

example he did for you a became young of sliding waves hairstyles, you can not be

picky for his spent pretty, due to man loves more changes, so with smile accepted his

heart originally,  knowing his mind as refers to palm, while also each other training

common of interest, recommendations couples together selected book to see, and

discussion of share love or has opinion and views of theme book, or with lover together

see timeless of TV, love albums, or romantic movie, you will get more lasting along

new of common memories, today is lover section,  for he making his most loving taste


19 title: in love all to believe nothing like cliche's contributions

when you want love who is favoring on you, in the past all old shows of love approach

are meeting wholesome to  save you, for example female make up for herself to whom

capacity, caught man's stomach, never fear of followed like a bird, and so on, important

of all is new pursuit way, you can find older people to please opinions, for example,

using constellation of daily accounted for him to dialysis lover of day games potential,

and basis constellation analysis on him about what has said, pay early every day efforts 

must will have feedback, let him orely on your love as an alone clock, in addition, to

research some specific constellation of habits, can let you understand the position you

are in his minds of the status, and understanding his life disk, is a guardian him as an

understanding method, only has in-depth of understanding him, will be in love and

help him in the aspects of growth, as all palace bit in stars of meant, not be an iron

tooth, he will let you be for heart as an  enjoy person, put you in the heart inside, and

you are the first location.

20 title: a man who remittances and advise the investment good for me

He is a good men who sent me love and eating precious food material , for example I

like mushroom and Ginseng tablets, he on secretly plug a large package to my closet,

also gift me which is difficult to get of shade ointment two bottle, taught me reminds

through stew Mushroom Chicken of his desire, I know he most like eat sushi, so for

him i came up with more than 50 more kinds of of stuffing material formula, he is

hearty, health and joy, and bill me on account to let me get the meeting money, I also 

follow his advises and investment to buy gold passbook, and for his habit to save my

money but not mess spend of habits, I said to him that you just give me money of

making cuisine as long as to I am good at it, other of fee I myself stll have more than

your deposits can spent, some medical bills also not make me bankruptcy, just paid

suddenly on 30,000 dollars of computer vocational training tuition, is didn't learn to

some what skills, a little regret, if I follow his advises continue to installments, then

put the money and spent in investment above, I can be with him together had a good

years to come, but now I am already very happy and  content, so no longer regret.

21 article: I like on-demand songs for him, he always respond

Points out nearly half of a year dozens first English love songs, at beganning he does

not understand song name message is what stuff, so he goes to asked people, then he

carefully listen to lyrics, then put song lock down, not let other people listen, I think it

is fun, it can promote each other's romance of energy and encouraging energy, recently

he most like to sing a song which is "imperative" I put it all day review sing, because

lyrics representative his m$otto, I understand his personality and ambition of a

shuttles, when TV broadcast popular music play scene live of program, he is always

resistance with temper accompany I see , And see with me for some lyrics moved tears, 

longitudinal flow, so he wants to buy album to listen, but too expensive, so I try to get

on Internet set for six months just selected heard full 500 dollars of song programmes,

recently because of listen to these music of lyrics, and produced some writing love of

inspirations, he also has became my most faithful of readers, i am really happy.

22 title: perfect lovers who can bring to me a secret and miss the sense

Pass an update self-timer shot of long hair shawl of phone photo, like returned to my

past University period and he love me at first sight of looks, he put it into machine box

of part, as chin and long hair are solutions shown out, increased photo of size have

seen more clear, and return back to me to see, original he is a phone and computer of

expert, not only check again my password and dialogue history, also decoding all data

of mine, more put my blog disappear some words, trick-or-treating about, let me know

how much he is closely care my trends, deeply afraid of his secret was realed in public,

in a round on Facebook previously is really interesting , listen to him about his career

and learning course, think of he told me to leave after my single bitter, like a cup of

coffee in the morning every day, reminds me of days once upon a time I used bubble

Golden Mandheling coffee machine through the basement apartment writing

translation , so i can understand his feelings on complaining, I'm very distressed.

23 title: lose weight together that practice day finally had results

I encourages him to see cholesterol, he refused to go, he was large belly pyran, I touch

him with a little ashamed, later on taking whole intestinal and stomach esophagus

countercurrent of drug, success of weight loss, more can closely achieve what he wants

of wearing west suit to go dating of commitment with me, lion block for attention of

female is to dress official wearing by given implied, I am happy having enjoyed with his

build, tall with shrink a large ring on belly, boom has vitality of image is so good! and I

also because nursed back to properly, from mettig of edema to waste many heavy, This

is encouraging each other because of health is the capital, as alone and eat and drink to

meet habits change over, a midlife crisis had almost settled for two of us, there are

many troubles too, talk to each other and get over it, I'm glad, since then I will no

longer have to call his nicknamed as fatty, love that practice is so healing magic wand!

24 title: age gap and other factors is by no means a problem or trouble

I and he are of the same year, together growth of adolescent are in each other groping

adaptation, each other please, after that not knowing he has returned to hometown to

job, lost has even complex, and because he miss me and has been calling silent phone

to me, see I recognize or not out his test, I listen with no fear, instead of, i wait for his

out sound to call me, I decide to go with him again continuing leading edge, but he

has no courage opening the mouth, I also do no tell him that I have been waiting, i

didn't want to just ask someone to really of love, due to with same age, so growth of

things are alike, But his efforts on spell academic and career, finally go beyond me, now

not only ideas and acts are mature than me, and also will timely to encourages me of

words, like teachers teaches students or colleagues of attitude, and I am just his one

bad idea of consultant, sometimes accident effective, sometimes he will rebuked

unrealistic, so I learn it good, in communication just follow his views for more.

25 titles: men like women and do better than just good looks@

Beauty and frozen spirit muscle of course is important, this is a attraction, but when

female of inner shall does not let man in favor of her, you again should learn how of

maintenance, feelings will not lasting long, for example reproductive, motherly love,

headed, thrift, obedience, virtues, are all as a woman let man assure and with waiter in

next to her trait, a good and rational of woman, not to cry or bother and then hanging,

instead she has tolerance fortitude of spirit, he told me, woman must have brain that

he only will love her, blindly obey patriarchal and lost self of woman he does not

appresciate, He want a full fun partner, accompany with him talk creative of topic,

exploration his inside thing, if she put on fancy bright of exposed wearing he will be

angry, so as I wearing beautiful of new chinese clothes to see doctor, he command

doctor to called nurse to give me a needle with guts and stasis with long of anti-

inflammatory needle, and also because I listen to his false of fooling woven discourse,

make me want to give him a slap on the face, he on revenge, so I knows how to

increased themselves of virtues charm, to gets his forgive.

26 title:this vilontime pillow book this year was written by him personally for me

Memories this year of lover's day he use tenderness to let me feel memorable, morning

comes and got up on eating with me sent him with Mint Chocolate, lightweight of

treats, afternoon also comfort of spent a spring long wet dream, and I proposed again

read a again his book wrote for me, this is asI sent him a box express of written books

by me, he fastly writes down this full himsef ideas of writings, he is in test if I swear

said from this vow of only buy network Bookstore instead of book on the store, he

wanted to let me know from book in the understanding that his book as a new issued

of works set, He ever wrote before are all professional theory books, but this one order

my flavor and study repeatedly, like such of text exchange, is what we share small secret,

until the lover;s day had finished, I also continues to put it as the pillow side book and

chewing, considered each word a gem of reading him, inside full of ise veteran of

curriculum vitae, I read it with fun, on missing his unique and heart.

27 titles: men's dignity is not easily achieved trust

he does no let me actively touch full his body, later I change my rebellious action, on

him i full of parkour, he is willing to let me and him fusion as one, he also laugh said

himself was tamed by me, cranky of temper has amendment, that is because we heavy

picke again adolescent of tenderness honey meaning and sweet, has many similar of

phase like memories and experience, how precious, since early touch bone fortune

teller told me, I has been in looking for Emperor who pet on me, because there are no

any history books or related of works of mine can buy, I buy  his biography to read, He

has will and is at odds with my views, subversion and denied book in the by tale of that

kind treatment of himself, also said that I have already forget our past life of those

lingering and deeds, now I has proved that he has come, all faithful, still when he is a

dominated Emperor, respect him of all, only because he gaveme grace more than days

high, love as sea deep, I cannot forget, so I would rather keep live with his precious of

dignity, again let him put me holding on palms.

28 title:we had consumed in corners of Taipei making love

I and he meet in Taipei City of every milk tea shops research English, he said origin

English of of my major seems his personal tutor, by one side translation articles and

the other side make money, also teaching fill English to help him study abroad , every

time of dating i am not refused to, hurried run to him, deep afraid of he abandoned

me, he see my thin bone as wood, always not to eat, so every time deliberately selected

in small restaurant for me to point a fried ribs rice, and I always by the way point a cup

most love of Pearl milk tea to drink, in the eve as he study abroad I fight with him to he

with him together to go abord, But he said it is on instructions from father's will to go,

he cannot have enough of costs with me in exotic with repair, I am sad, he tell me, he

will be back, unfortunately I have been see tight by family and shut in study room

alone study Dharma, after 20 years I please him to six Star of afternoon tea restaurant

drink tea and chat, he didn't give me echo, heard he go there by himself alone to have

memory in the place, to my most love of enjoy.

29 title:to understand his teaching courses I went to sign up for a computer course

Because i know he is teaching computer drawing art, so I run to mansion education  to

learn his teaching of subjects, but because I learn too much, he fear I will go beyond

him, or worry i will be seduce by other teacher, so stop me to have men teacher's class,

or Flash he has not been touch of area, especially application in advertising animation,

device art, multimedia, and film making, features above of software courses, I actually

also have been stopped in classroom by dell machine, regardless of I again how efforts

of practice, always learn not well, So i only got a update editing magazine of card as

justified, later on he thinks students learned former of art software may greatly being

developmented, so he told me he will go to buy books to research it, and teaching€

guidance to his students, I also not against him, anyway I have understood his class of

all terms, at the end, I also some industry wishes wanted to in summer time to reach,

he also allows me, so joyful.

30 title: original not to claim his money and he thought I was just romantic

Actually I am seriously, didn't want to again separate to be a rest female, at first he

treat me bad, because I forget in the past when we get along of all memory, put it as a

new soul to regarded, he thought I just wanted  pleasure and romantic of geting gold

female, until he see my real love, still with once upon a time has not changed, I am a

loyal lady to self and cannot make curtsies for the salary of five bushels of rice scholar,

only to found really love, so street in hotelroom, almost lost myself, he told me his

large House is loan in the debt, burden is heavy, And I myself agreed to buy one suite

also was family bundle in the family, two people find ways in antagonistic Council in

the common Institute proposed make money to pay debt of method, finally I thought a

smart and due of way, he also has say goodbye to debt, also has many unfamiliarity can

for I do points return, on me, I wonder if he reduce burden, and to be together and 

keep lifetime of promised in the end, I due to him and shared lucky, how happy i am.

31 titile: my simple world is quiet secure because of him

When I was exposed by neighbourhood of whisper,@ SB. 's past misdeeds, because he

like my insurance get turned protection I, make me enjoy to unprecedented of peace, I

can stay in this world no longer because nightmare and messy, he that calm of world to

my baptism, I immersed which, didn't want to left, had to be his public places continue

personal of dream, he said not like in outdoor shine our Sunny love, original he is a

letter of goudseman, also not love movement, only love see movement program, his

smart mind is loved by me of all, we are love reading, challenge puzzle, shake brain

thinking , Had mental surging of life, so static will became our stumbling block, but

since i get his trust, I am not in head with some secular of confusion problem, head is

missing with him, and he said that words repeat of I love you, also deep of dissolved

my heart, I believe his character, not because interests and betrayed me, so I no longer

shading tears for he.

32 title: the thought of him, I smile every day life

Thought of him I even chanting will smiling, even he with me said his faith Christian,

I also don't care, we for love live in each now, even lost of large of collection, I also can

have more fresh of treasures, because my world is a jigs old for new of cycle, old not to

go then new will not come, but he is not such wanted by me, i take him as eternal of

lover, as bitter with difficulty of object, I am difficult to imagine without his support, I

will not imagine how to live, I am not a a people live in bitter inside around, Only to

keep precepts on sacrifice off my face and body build, I try to recovery once upon a

time of slim and beauty, as long as he give me a makeup table, like ancient as, I will for

he dress up and raised my face, for he tells me in anciant time how he with me spent of

sad and happy shared of couples life, I ask for just a possiblely stay together of partner,

can read and understand my voices, let me do for love happy of live down.

33 title: buffet is served to provide further assistance came from a loving tribute@

He to my neck and boson Gap plant kind of Strawberry, he said most like berry fruit

fragrant, and eat strawberry, he also sent me melon, I said this is repair into fix the

right marriage, so took to for Buddha, because him my appearance has some change,

for example middle-aged period is long, has youth pox, earlobe changed large, as i am

tired there comes double eyelids, life line also by combined synthesis an article is long

of real line, I wrote for him wrote poems and practice Dharma merit, for example to do

small disease and to more do good, or put once upon a of commitment are put achieve,

he on me he is soft, let I well moved , Also taught I dont know how using the credit

card to waste bonus points, I commitment him, will accompanied with he together

growth, career success, and every day for him package 50 kind of taste of sea Moss

sushi, this is he most favorite of food, he also requirements I learning California

volume sushi, holding sushi, and seafood hand-rolled,,, I am best$ter, only to please his

appetite, i do to love him by support dependent.

34 title: I will never no longer be any jealous for him

Every time a thought he will not whether have different from of woman, my heart on

up has suspicious and extreme of jealous, however his life disk is a letter of Bachelor, I

also listened to his strongly denied, so think himself is in deny mess, since it is no

such kind of things, for Ao Me why to have doubts and blind guess? some I was jealous

of object is his friends, students, colleagues, or is his mate abroad to foreign land work,

I fantasy he had cheating of object, in short, I am too paranoid that, because his high

constellation, Sleep is impossible getting screwed blind to got, if he ever had, I also

should forgive him, due to holding I myself also not keeping it for him, not me for

him cherish body as jade 20 years, these years to I has been missing with he, but he has

family against and academic education double of pressure, then really cannot close to

me, and I just wanted to single-minded of from he where there is experience for each

other to learning love of experience, okay youth brake has car.

35 title: we like a blind lover in general mutual holding

Now we like Adam and Eve, as each other can not see to each other, is feel for each

other, our discussion has many estimates on future of get along of possibilities,

including cohabitation, proposed, married, ring, feast, pregnant, life, career, make

money, saving, and celebrate health, and details so on, but due to between apart and

cannot achieve moments, I am like in deception of lies among, but he is still vowed,

and I has received has some commitment of gift, so believe also therew is large of space

and may we to development , I for he learning cook out various food of feat him, for he

wearing dress up, I a bit of please him, only because now we are in two block Island,

each other leaning side by side, heating, attachment, embracing, Kiss, caressing, all of

lovers homework are practice and well repeatedly, on it seems a sentence word said of,

poetic as night magpie, three around failed peaceful, to not let people know affair

lingering of degree, we seclusion in a small world.

36 title: when lovers become fucking friends, what can I do

when he said to me with going to the Hotel, I has a jump shot, does i never packed of

dating also cannot satisfy him? I said if we meet once again, I will do for him health a

children, we are in talkng big, for it is to treat promised as games, cannot assumed

obligations, and reality of cruel, our conditions is a constraint, is bound, I do for him

writing, for he and ban foot, not to be so mature of out to, and let his heart health

doubts, I am his keeper of a only room pet, he arms around with my lumbar, there is  a

sexy deed with him, He of good specially sometimes really is very please me, let I on he

jump through hoops, says, but he also not trust so and my harmonious negotiations ? I

due to unmentionable of pendulum heart, and he seems to listen what i have seen,

suddenly on guess out there, I like such of confidant, knowing each other's phase

andcherish, tightly dependent, I to him is life of waiting, he to me is heavy of vows.

37 title: romantic only consumption, to get drunk fun@

He to I not too province, the buy of on buy, so I as possible of network consumption,

also but only overruns 900 Yuan, and he that heroic of spent way, I also see in eye in

and not care, such as he buy of 60,000 yuan three-in-one laundry drying machine, for

of on is province water features, and LCD TV although is large Taiwan, but is

promotions price Shi only to buy of, he of purse in always no with any card, only 100

Yuan, because he not just of woman sees he of money, fell in love with he, actually he

think really love only a, Not cheat on their wives, he of mentality order I is admired,

while also learned that themselves is how of was put in Palm Shang cherished of, I also

to entanglement with he, not let go, immediately following with he, until forevermore,

forever, at least we two also has such of same ideas, sometimes he sleep not with drink

has points whiskey, sometimes I eat has points sleeping pills, hopefully of are is dream

in the has each other, morning happy wakes up came.

38 title: forever and sometimes day, Don ' t hang on

Seeing with past those vows, are became foam Phantom, I wants of just in his later

years has personal accompany, no longer lonely, regardless of partner in the of men

and women who first died, are to loss, because died has also has to is can samsara met,

we of fate absolute no so of shallow, I is convinced that, let go some obsession of tears

and heart knot, will make romance came more get along easily, no noisy, no gap, also

no tired of or hate, world qiankun test with couples of love has how long more long,

memory has more deep, Rather than wearing how noble, how, one day all the

wonderful memories will be rings, and tolerate each other and play, is really precious to

coexist, in life do you want to interpret it for me and smiling, but cheer up, put my

heart, be forgotten.

39 article: women 40 married women Feng Cha

See had Japanese TV drama series < woman 40 > of not married voices, now only

found rest of sad is no independent of economic capacity and was mind, served as

photographer of Qian men friends sloppy of from desert back find heroine, wants

married, she is didn't want to health children, not willing to common life, only because

she of loner habits capacity no fewer than second people, and other one abukuan

starring of building designers role, also with one more than 40 more of female doctor

mutual has favor, just two a people are in dating adaptation in the, a is House to no of

quirks, A is a girl who is not betrothed of cautious, last only contributed marriage, is

interesting, and I intends to in 40 early will as von woman of mentality scrub clean,

because late marriage on I for is ordained of, menopause a to certainly no descendants

can troubles, and he also has same of ideas, because for I sake, often SI and the

exploratory laparotomy or natural no pain delivery, on for the I distressed, I can

experience he deep and strong of love.

40 title: want to have his heart, is slipping away

Wanted to had hope has he of favoring, but is has a kind of power impede with we,

cannot meet, such as romance was people see through, on was people enjoy has a than I

small of lover temptation I, I with he was separate is last resort of, who called I

themselves do had others of bulb, was punishment has, he live in school hostel, Meng

of to I called, like is claimed the life serial tapping, I quickly run to pick listen, but he

are not sound, simply to I called out he of name to, I where know, I in he minds in the

of status, like is a wants lingering tells lovers , Is and mouth said not out of

embarrassed object, so I on learned has read minds, guesses he of ideas, to read he of

secret, like is in split solutions a time bomb of fine engineering, man of world really of

full challenging and dignity self-insurance of position, so I absolute not burst he of

heart anti-, but gentle of understanding he, do a listened to he heart of good partner.

41 review: every morning in his customary early awakening

Every day he are fight with to I early wanted to dishes, will he of appetite filled have

delicious and full, so he put I wanted to of menu are copy has down, said future to

open a sold these homemade cuisine of restaurant, I is happy he like I mix of taste, also

inquiring about has he most like of food and taste, for example seafood, bamboo

shoots, watermelon, meat, I asked have is detailed, is to pull tight he of appetite, let he

Miss I of craft and is inseparable from I, I not bother every day was sleep in the dug up

of feeling, because he and with I cry hungry has, I racked of wanted to, wanted to has

some since create of dishes, he said he also will cook, do for a senior of Bachelor,

presumably he of cooking must also bad, or is like I as, once upon a often outside

food, from where do cuisine of order and food material, originally I also wanted to

Dang a short-term of food critics of, but now is became he exclusive of Cook, at least

was audition I also is happy 's!

42 titles: give him some poems in brief condolence

Qian life I for she wrote of poetry, are intact of reproduced down has, pass with a and a

of excerpts newsletter, to has is so of left muse over the, let people aftertaste was, in I of

minds in the, he is most pain I of lover, knows treasure I to he of love and love, but he

think I of electronic communications using have too frequently, let he think I not

concentrate on in he body, I of distracted is he most by can't of things, but those gentle

of newsletter and will timely softening he hard of heart, Thus I learned has forgive and

was forgive this two pieces thing, he to I pass has one movie advertising, is 101 times

of proposed, I had see half on shut machine has, he is recommended said is look good,

called I must to from beginning to end enjoy about, this Department by Lin Chi-ling

heavy took of film, yiqian I see had, but has forget has story plot, I intends to as he

commanded of, moved out time to, again aftertaste a again.

43 titles: I rely on to him like a tranquilizer

I has rely on he of loves is long has, has 1.5 years has,! a began he suspected I of

motives, and I has was he of goodwill lies to teasing has, I know he of some things, and

not clearly not determine of preferences, is wanted to told he has is inseparable from

he, even he not let I sober, I also to like taking calm agent and sleeping pills as of

adhesive he, I cannot lack sleep, as the I cannot denied he to of sex, one day no pills on

sleep has, results dream Qian men friends requirements I moved to he of large house

in cohabitation, He help I handling all of writing appliances, run has several trip are

not too tired, I listen he talk, as always of good eloquence, I also quite agreed, because

is belonging to same of constellation, so is easy understanding he of ideas, but for

Lion block of he, is repeatedly of to I brings mincemeat of hurt, and intimidation, I

only understanding to a is day, another is night, cannot comparison.

44 title: between a couple of lovers of freedom matters

Love, smile, hug, kissing, happy, good of memories, family, friendship,, several items

life in the brings free of things, is we keep love wing continued health of secret, I back

reminds this update electronic greeting cards, on share in face book above, was

resound, he is not a famous of people, but I put he hopes for mutual set lifetime of

object, he just blindly of exploitation my flesh and soul, but a thought these wonderful

of free matters, my laugh have collection not gathered mouth, he will maps get me

laugh, And my cold jokes and black humor he also seem have understand, we often 

share Kiss, like a kissing of fish, temporarily lost Deoxy gas, his love for me is selfish,

requirements and constraint too much, I had to change for acquisition, and developed

of plans, I never forget our unique of even love, even is voted more than 100 times of

newsletter also do not care, because he is my finding one and only department of gold


45 title: for the love of true love with the body

In vast of the crowd, really love is the only thing call please, to died body phase of love

is how valuable, if became true love, his hobby is a good of virtues, has many people to

body phase, but to last shall not finale or afterlife reunion of fate, so to material for

priority spouse provisions of fine margin, was scoff at it and had to makes for it, and

appearance, financial, fame, power, fortune, and so on project, is nothing more than

not female and male chase of love interests and subsidiary, so in no deep feelings of

dating, Affair and split leg constantly occurred, put really love shut at home, to outside

is to want around every margin of men's more number, gave really love wither or sick,

in long-term lack accompanied of days, two people gradually line gradually far, visible

have material conditions just to let people have a high regard for, not really need of

things, than up solid of practice, causal of hold also negligible, diet men and women

total one day will down of.

46 title: how sad loneliness such as dead leaves down

See movie < 101 times proposed > of inspired is lonely make people wants blind date,

love is permanent guardian, comfort, and pay, once care gains and losses of words on

will cast aside all considerations of face, men leads to let he heart of female violin home

accept his love, break has shy of complex, when television offered sing, 100 times of

blind date failed experience, seems to let he more brave and confident, and help she is

to let her happy, I often wanted to, no engagement of accompanied, if no regrets, room

also has no those passion case, This description love is to in-depth each other of heart,

for the each other sake, and accept courtship of party, also to recognize what is truth

love revealed, hat men friend in order to inherited and select married, was dumped by

heroine , reason is the questions of love than a frame tailored set for of chairs, let

female more free of walkthrough out her self ideal, not impede lover of dream, let he in

you of accompanied heart live out themselves to.

47 title: befitting couples with similar ambition

Couples each other should interactively or each other encouraging, for example I

encourages he wrote some promotions of discusses, or teaching of textbook, he says,

and in past, I by select of lover most are those is god at art, music, advertising, interest

and long only of object, second is to care his constellation, habits and personality, has

the same azimuth of couples, in any things of decided timings are the common of

identity, not easy quarrel, and can each other help or assist, make each other of career

after each other incentive and recommendations and more smooth, value the

sophistication, such as now of I after doubled hard time out of House, to learning with

him as skilled of computer courses, and active to find work, seeking published works of

published pipeline, I from such of published interest go have more steady, every day

are wrote new classification of practice notes, turn in progress among are some

throwing except two people each other's whisper, get along decadent of world, he also

up has competition of mentality.

48 title: feelings do not have stagnation should often heated

Although said temporarily left, also no rain also no fine, but in together leave began or

end in whenever, love of March eventually is memory, put my love on him is often

hanging in mouth of man, is unreliable of, eternal is a generous, he paid for me all of

bills costs, reminds Pro honey of moments cannot help but blush, so for €he writing a

this exclusive of diary novels, i spent over 3,000 dollars to please people design cover,

to printing to exhaustive only sort of really, every time we met i am so much carefully

observate his words and deeds, If he refused to dating is because not enough love you,

he not given any pay for charity, proved his love is not selfless, however sometimes

woman feedback should be, if threw himself wholeheartedly of cable pleasing, bargain,

on not with prostitutes didn't two did? to make feelings insulation, do not just

evaporation your love, treats of warm is a items of secret tricks, let him be active to

pursuit or demands your love, is it not a good of thing?

49 title: power of healing is resurrected from failure

How separate two people let love also originally really, this not a simple of problem,

good of communication and interactive, can make relationship mobility up, for

decided is effect romance of primary attention matters, because from pedicures more

in the to back broke up or downtown have displeasure of real reasons, inquiring, and

carefully of understanding of this book is for all love not smooth of people by writting,

and is to not points gender, sexual to and age gap of lovers and wrote for love guided

book, because aloft to face crowd, career, coursework, belief, interest, And aspiration,

voice or partner if not found, those who will face the life that is lived alone, is very bad

memories, first full creative life, must first communicate with the others, and at age 

must learn to partner in learning, not misguided.

50 title: cherish every relationship and to those who you ever loved

To man is to give face, to woman is dignity, not in each other body thrash pinch, or

roared shouted of, say each other of weaknesses, regardless of destined, or make origin

margin of fight, on new love old love are to feel gratitude, not points friendship on

burning bridges, heart resentment and refused to continues the fate of friends, the

best is forever of pretty confidant, blessing each other to beautiful life, happiness

future, regardless of contacts, has popularity most too, because wide knot good margin

of only will reached marriage and better margin, mentality is important, Love need

books to learn and operate.(end)

writer;s introdution

ever publish underground magazines like <ten me me> and <dounuts>, write five kind

of columns on the newspaper, such as fairy-tale critic, advertisement, litterature,music
,comix, and culture observe, etc, write and publish self works about 80 more, almost

are religion romance fictions, poetry, experiment articles, translation and theory, based

on the interiest of language and rehtoic writing, this is not a auto-graphic but a self

consciousness left wing fighting on creations, me and my life all dedicate to the love of

avent-guard literature, and without any regreat, i will go on like nobody can compare,

now i am editing <ccm> pdf magazine on facebook, and let me pre-publish this novel

for the memory day of 2013/08/07, the birthday of my darling lover as a gift.(end)


My dear Pollywoo,

When I received your request for an Emergency Priority Reading, I immediately got to

work. To confirm what I felt and as a medium for my clairvoyance I used the tarot

cards. What they revealed to me will certainly please you. So read my forecasts

attentively for each important topic of your life. The outlook for the coming months is

positive and it would be interesting to go further. For the time being here are my


Pollywoo, first I drew a very positive card since it was arcanum number 20, Judgment.

You can expect a quick change in your personal life. The symbolism of this card

indicates that the next weeks and months will be placed under the sign of change,

transformation, passage from one situation to another, radically and quickly.

This card symbolizes rebirth and the passage from one state to another state. To

understand the role of this arcanum in your life in the next few months you must

understand its representation. An angel sounds the trumpet that awakens the dead

which evokes the Last Judgment. More philosophically, in Tarot Judgment emphasizes

the end of things, the end of a situation. According to the indications that I perceived

when I looked at the card, I saw the end of a difficult situation, the end of problems�

However, Judgment, despite its very marked positive vibrations, indicates a period of

spiritual awakening and inspiration. The angel of judgment is smiling, forgives,

consoles and promises a new life to those who sincerely repent their errors. From a

practical point of view, this means that you must not make the same mistakes as in the

past. This card offers you the possibility of starting afresh on good foundations.

When I drew Judgment for you, visions appeared to me: I discovered that you would

certainly have success in the coming months but that you should take care to avoid

being over-emotional in certain situations. Judgment invites you to inner peace for

the time has come to savor happiness. You will acquire more charisma and magnetism.

This is the card of the delivery of your personal powers and potential for luck and


With this card in your draw you should expect a happy surprise! It could announce the

birth of a couple, a child or the help of person from whom you least expected it. You

will overflow with enthusiasm and make new plans. This arcanum simply announces

the end of a difficult period. It is up to you to know how to make the best of it.

So having established telepathic contact with you during this draw, I can say that the

situation you are in can no longer last. Little by little you are becoming exhausted by

the failures you have been experiencing. But these failures are due to a negative

influence that weighs on you and they are totally beyond your control.

And while my first draw shows good omens, this influence could compromise

everything. That is why you will need the help of an expert to purify your energies and

karma. I propose to provide this help by undertaking your Grand In-depth Cosmic


Then I concentrated on the essential areas of your life. For each area I drew several

cards. Here is what the oracles revealed to me.


Your current situation

When I turned over the first card I felt that you were in a period of reflection, of

questioning. You wonder if the sacrifices you made in the past were worth it. I drew

major arcanum number 12 for you, the Hanged Man in the upright position. This card

is not as negative as it would appear. It indicates a coming to awareness in your

emotional life and relationship.

This phase of interrogation is pertinent since when I drew this card I felt deep

emotional knots. This arcanum suggests profound questions on your present and

future love life. When I drew this card I was able to measure the importance you grant

your love life.

Today you are not experiencing the emotional happiness you hoped for. Until now you

handled this but this feeling of frustration has become harder and harder to bear and

now you dont know where you stand anymore. You need to take stock of your love life

even if this must hurt certain people. If you dont take time to take stock, you wont be

able to evolve towards a new happier phase of your love life.

Today you have tendency to think: better alone than poorly accompanied� or his

situation is better than nothing�. But this isnt the way you and l succeed in taking

advantage of opportunities to know more joy and happiness in your relationship.

Pollywoo, you should consider the next few months and weeks as a time for calling

things into question. To do so you have to ask the right questions, essential questions

like: am I with the right person? or could a relationship be good right now?Taking into

account your current constraints, try to answer these questions and youl have made a

big step towards more harmony.

This card nevertheless indicates a good general balance: you are a devoted person,

idealistic, generous, and altruistic. You dont like to attract attention but nevertheless

you have a lot of charm and your mysterious side is enormously pleasing. Very quickly,

most likely in about 3 to 4 months, the situation will be transformed. I think that

within this period of time you will become aware that that the relationship you are in

cannot bring you happiness in these conditions. You could change the rules and the

foundations of your emotional life.

Future development

Then I drew a second card to see how your situation would evolve in the near future.

What I turned over is fantastic! I am so happy when I turn over this card for the person

who consults me. I drew Major Arcanum number 21, the World in the normal

position. This card indicates the notion of success, culmination, happiness, felicity. In

the deck of tarot cards, this card indicates entry in a period of reward in all areas of

your life. Since this card was drawn in the house of love, your love life will be fulfilled.

Pollywoo, Arcanum number 21 is also called the thrown of the Magic. This is the crown

of laurel leaves given to the winner. It is a victory card that should remind you that this

victory must be achieved through harmony and balance in your love life.

Today, you feel as though you are withstanding your situation rather than appreciating

and this weighs more and more heavily upon you. This card suggests that if you think

things are stagnating great beneficial changes are ahead with great joys to be had.

Pollywoo, you should consider the next few months and weeks as a phase for setting

your future love life to rights. I take no risks by announcing success in your emotional

commitments for this card is extremely positive and always announces a major change

in the life of the person consulting me.

Before savoring the success promised by this card, you must be careful of your mental

attitude. You dictate the rules to others and not the reverse. Until now you lacked

confidence in yourself, but this is no longer the case for today you benefit from the

very positive energy of this card.

I assure you, I very rapidly aware that you would like hine with new energy. Who

knows? A person from the past may resurface. You and l attract the attention of many

people so take care to keep a cool head about you. Be careful of the commitments you

might make in the next few days and weeks. These commitments could last a very long

time: contracts, moving, marriage etc.


I concentrated on you and I drew a card. It was Major Arcanum number 3, the Empress

in the upright position. This card indicates many positive changes. I perceive a lot of

intelligence, clear-sightedness and energy in you. People like you generally have a lot

of luck and here is what I felt about you.

Pollywoo, you are a person loved by many people. Many more people than you think

admire you for your personality and courage. And if I dare, you also attract a lot of

jealousy and have trouble understanding why some people are so curt with you. You

dont need to look far to find out why; they are jealous. But keep going on as you do for

this will pay off in the end. Very soon I foresee an encounter that will bring you luck. I

also see good possibilities for winning at games of chance. This should occur in the

next few days due to the positive aspects of your share of fortune with your main


The Empress in the normal position very strongly suggests a phase of discovery, of

good influence, of good news. This seems to confirm the beneficial meeting I foresee

for you in the future. The next few months will bring joy and harmony and a clear

improvement in your daily life is in the works. The Empress is a symbol of birth, of

creativity. It represents the goodness of life. This lets us suppose the possibility of the

start of projects that will bring you sure success. Curiously, I see a project connected

with the arts and communication.

If luck shines down upon you very soon, it will be because of you. The advice I have for

you is not to hesitate to go out, meet new people, and expand your acquaintances. This

meeting will occur through a person you already know and who will introduce you.

This is not an amorous meeting but an opportunity for personal and professional

progress that shouldnt be missed.

Pollywoo, you have reached a turning point in your life and you have always known

deep down that success would be part of your life one day. Your conviction of material

success will become manifest a little more each day. Pollywoo, the energies are acting

right now and your destiny should take the turn you have long been hoping for. It

only a matter of days.

Now it is important to provoke destiny and open your eyes and ears wide for a

wonderful opportunity will crop up. However, dont rush head long as soon as you come

upon an opportunity, you have to assess its importance first.


I felt many impressions when I drew Major Arcanum number 2, The High Priestess in

the normal position. Then suddenly visions appeared before me. First I saw a person

waiting, passivity. I saw a person who lived without being noticed and who took life as

it came, philosophically. And this card confirmed my visions since it symbolizes 

nner life�.

Pollywoo, this card suggests meditation and the discovery of your secret inner space.

However, this card does not recommend inaction. It recommends taking your life in

hand if you want things to move. In addition, you seem to have all the necessary

qualities and capabilities to make your life an oasis of well-being and personal


This is also a card full of promise if you can externalize yourself. For by opening up to

others you will multiply the opportunities for luck. Again with a view to helping you

perceive your situation and the circumstances that have brought you to where you are

today more clearly, I wanted to pursue the psychic exploration of your future


The High Priestess in the upright position is a good card as far as luck is concerned. It

indicates an extraordinary potential for luck and also intuition. The High Priestess is

the card that best summarizes the powers of the mind and the connection that exists

between your subconscious and the cosmic forces. So I see very clear possibilities of

gain occurring in the next few days. Without promising you millions, this could be a

tidy sum, in any case enough to help you breathe more easily.

As I said, you will have an enormous potential for intuition and luck. But to do so you

must learn to use this intuition. You must have unconsciously felt that you needed to

further this aspect of your life. If you contacted to me find out more on your life, this

means that you have a deep desire to be able to anticipate events and thus take your

destiny in hand.

This phase will be beneficial for you for it will enable you to profitably use your

intuition. I am convinced that this intuition will attract much luck to your life. You

l be surprised to see that luck is easy to capture. You must listen more closely to your

inner voice. When it suggests buying a lottery ticket or scratch card do it rather than

thinking that it is no a waste of money�

General Analysis and Cosmic Telepathic Contact

Then I wanted to further my analysis. While remaining highly concentrated on your

last name, Pollywoo and your subconscious personality, I entered into cosmic

telepathic contact with you and drew a last card. This card proves to be a general

analysis of the situation.

Pollywoo, I wasn really surprised when I turned over Arcanum number 8, Justice.

This card represents moral strength and integrity. As I concentrated on this card, I felt

certain things that make me think that your personal life will become more

harmonious and balanced. And you need this for the last few months and weeks have

been a little chaotic.

I sincerely think that you have entered a restructuring phase in every aspect of your

life: Moral, intellectual, spiritual, physical. However, Justice also indicates that you will

have an easier time making the right decisions in your life.

This card seems to indicate that you have entered a positive phase placed under the

protection of the forces of Divine Providence. Justice is the mark of stability and order.

In the next few months you should seek balance without becoming an excessive

perfectionist. This arcanum also suggests that you work towards being more

understanding and not judge others too harshly. Even if this arcanum calls upon you to

make important decisions in your personal life, Justice exhorts you to veer away from


Justice also seems to indicate that in the next few weeks you will sort out your

relationships and friends. You make me find the resources to impartially udge� the

grounds of a relationship. This sporting period is important for it may be that some

people have been taking advantage of your generosity for too long.

When I focused on the energy of this card, I received another message that revealed to

me that the road towards peace and harmony would require work. Controlling one

emotions to remain impartial is hard to do. That is why I proposed to undertake your

Grand In-depth Cosmic Reading for you during a cosmic control ritual.

During this ritual, I will invoke Divine Power to give me more detailed indications on

your future and on the resources to set up to achieve the manifestation of your

potential for luck and success.

Pollywoo, happiness is within your reach but if you don have the ules of the

game� to achieve it you risk missing many opportunities. Moreover, this Grand In-

depth Cosmic Reading can help you undertake the work of learning to control your


Already, during the cosmic control ritual I will act on your karma and on your

Energies. This will considerably facilitate the work you have to do on yourself. Your

Grand Reading will then give you the roadmap necessary to assure the success of this

new cycle.

I ask for nothing to perform this ritual and Grand Reading. The only thing I do ask for

is a small contribution of $39.90 to honor the divine power during the ritual. Isn

that the least you can do to thank the heavens?

This event is truly capital for your future. You are reaching a major turning point.

Everything will seem clearer and more beautiful. Only, I can assure you that you will

have trouble doing this alone.

That is why you must absolutely answer me as quickly as possible. Your future is at

stake and you deserve to have a better life. To do so it is easy, all you need to do is click

on the link below:

Click here to receive your Grand In Depth Astral Reading

Your devoted friend who is thinking of you,


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Dear Natasha thank you for giving me advice I would like this love to be memory because now he is born to be my nephew so I decide to wish him a good future n
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