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魔鬼的顫音?The Devil’s Trill


NHK 以The Devil’s Trill作介紹義大利Padua大學之景。查作者:

Tartini, Giuseppe (jūzĕp’pā tärtē’nē) , 1692–1770, Italian violinist, the greatest violin master of his day. In 1728 he founded at Padua a school of the violin that became known throughout Europe. Tartini altered the shape of the bow, revised bowing technique, and was probably the first to discover the difference tone (see tone 合成音 resultant tones/第三音 terzo suono), which became a means of securing just intonation. He wrote a number of theoretical works and composed an estimated 150 violin concertos, many trio sonatas, and about 200 solo sonatas, among which 魔鬼的顫音奏鳴曲The Devil’s Trill, supposedly played to him by the devil in a dream, is the most famous.

『魔鬼的顫音奏鳴曲』(The Devil’s Tril),是俗譯,不過說不定是誤解,因為trill 有兩義:
1. Music.
a. The rapid alternation of two tones either a whole or a half tone apart.
b. A vibrato.
n. - 顫聲, 囀聲, 抖音
v. tr. - 用顫聲說, 用捲舌發音, 使成顫音
v. intr. - 發出顫音
日本語 (Japanese)
n. - 顫音, トリル, さえずり, 顫動音, 巻き舌発音
v. - 声を震わせて歌う, さえずる, 巻き舌で発音する

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